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Systematic Field Data Explorer - add value through data analysis
End-to-end processing of large data sets

Add value through online analysis of your device data

The Internet of Things generates tremendous quantities of data. Bosch Software Innovations is here to help you harness your IoT data’s potential.
How to prepare your vehicle data for smart use

Take advantage of our solutions for big volumes of data – from acceptance to processing

Systematic Field Data Explorer - Processind Data Icon lens

In the design and development phase, you develop your products, solutions, and services based on the assumptions you make regarding market demand and how your customers will use your products. It is not until field testing that you find out how accurate those assumptions were. Potential repercussions for your company range from improperly dimensioned units and the need to provide spare parts or repairs all the way to recalls, warranty claims, and even a tainted company image.

By processing and analyzing your IoT data during predevelopment and in the field, you can leverage potential for advancing your devices early on as well as identify any weak points or quality issues.

Our highly secure, cloud-based solution complies with data-protection requirements and provides you with a central point for accessing device field data. This allows your domain experts to analyze the operational device data and deliberately advance your products, solutions, and services.

Our portal gives you reliable access to the relevant device data worldwide – and in near real time. In addition, our solution features opportunities for visualization and analysis as well as interfaces to established third-party tools such as MATLAB, Excel, and Tableau.

The top 4 benefits of IoT data management