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Systematic Field Data Explorer, Bosch Software Innovations
Systematic Field Data Explorer

Efficient handling and processing of large volumes of vehicle data

Using vehicle field data for more efficient products and components – thanks to this solution from Bosch Software Innovations
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Benefits at a glance

Uniform, structured, and compliant with data protection – use this Bosch Software Innovations solution to access your vehicle data online

Data to improve your product

Identify during development how parts and components are used and the conditions they withstand in order to ensure the quality of your vehicle.

Implement better or entirely new services

Leverage insights on use of your vehicles to improve existing services or implement data-driven business models.

Full Service: Everything from a single source

We provide you with optimum infrastructure and software. Automotive experts at Bosch can also provide extensive help with data analysis.

Systematic Field Data Explorer: Smart use of large volumes of vehicle data

Data-driven product development Icon lens
Data-driven product development using the Systematic Field Data Explorer

Vehicle recalls can quickly cost millions, and often result in compensation claims and damage to a company’s image. With the Systematic Field Data Explorer, engineers can test and improve parts and components at the development stage.

The Systematic Field Data Explorer can process data generated by any vehicle make and model. First, your data is securely submitted to a central data center, where it is then decrypted, decoded, and stored in an organized and data-compliant format. You can use this solution to access your data in near real time via an online dashboard and visualize them clearly using your standard and user-defined dashboards. This data provides a basis for optimizing systems, components, and functions as well as developing new services and solutions.

Step by step: data processing

Access your data quickly and simply thanks to the cloud-based solution from Bosch Software Innovations.

Data processing - Systematic Field Data Explorer Icon lens
Data transmission to analysis – the core of the Systematic Field Data Explorer

1. Data transmission

We will work with you closely to coordinate the transmission of data from vehicles or servers as per “Extended vehicle” (ExVe) standards issued by ISO. Data is transmitted over various channels that include direct connectivity, offline data packages, encrypted channels, and raw data storage. We support your IT experts and ensure that it is easy to transmit data.

2. Data decoding

A customized data processor must first decode the binary vehicle data to render it readable. In this regard, our solution supports specification standards for automotive data such as ODX, Fibex, and dbc.

3. Data quality assurance

The data is analyzed as per technical criteria to ensure that no invalid data interferes with the analysis. Our solution eliminates any duplicate, incomplete, inconsistent, or corrupt data to ensure high-quality data.

4. Normalization and enhancement of data

In the next step, different sets of data are harmonized to facilitate use of the data. To this end, various data sources are merged and uniform structures are set up.

5. Data storage

We offer a highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure that stores data. We also help you transfer the data to your own infrastructure. This lays the foundation for performance analyses.

Step by step: data analysis

Bosch automotive experts can help you analyze and interpret your data. This allows you to improve your products, or implement a completely new business model.

1. Data query and export

A graphical user interface (GUI) provides an overview of your data. And the filtering capability of our REST API allows you to search for specific data. In addition, data can be exported in different formats, including JSON and CSV. Our solution also features interfaces to popular third-party tools such as Matlab, Excel, and Tableau.

2. Data visualization and reporting

The Systematic Field Data Explorer can visualize your data by means of predefined dashboards and dashboards that users can define themselves. And reports can be created in various formats, including pdf.

3. Rules-based data analysis

The Systematic Field Data Explorer analyzes your data as per technical criteria. We provide rules-based outlier detection that notify you via email of any irregularities so that you always know the latest status on your data.

Move_UK: See the Systematic Field Data Explorer in action

In the MOVE_UK project, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch Driver Assistance, and additional partners* have set their sights on the significant barriers to automated driving. This project has been conceived to accelerate the introduction of automated technologies as well as improve on and cut the costs of developing them. Technologies are tested on a vehicle fleet under real-world driving conditions in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (London, UK), generating large volumes of data that can be used to advance and optimize functions and algorithms.
Using Bosch Software Innovations’ Systematic Field Data Explorer, data is accepted, stored, and processed before being made available for analysis via an online dashboard. It is hoped that this data will also provide the project partners with information on the impact of driverless technologies on offers and services in cities.

*All Move_UK partners:
Bosch UK, TRL, Jaguar Land Rover, The Floow, Direct Line, The Royal Borough of Greenwich

About Move_UK Driver assistance systems from Bosch
 Move_UK management dashboard
View of Move_UK management dashboard
 Move_UK measurement points
Visualization of measurement points on a displayed route
 Move_UK detailed view of a measurement point
Detailed view of a measurement point

Benefits of collaborating with Bosch Software Innovations

Flexibility of availability
The Systematic Field Data Explorer is available via the Bosch IoT Cloud; it can alternatively be provided via other cloud solutions such as AWS or Azure.

Domain and software expertise
Bosch has been developing automotive systems since 1887, and in 1983 invented the CAN bus for connecting vehicle control units. As a result, Bosch knows more about vehicle software and vehicle data than most companies, and supports you with pooled know-how and specialists to meet your individual needs.

The complete Bosch 3S package
Bosch provides you with the complete package – sensors, software, and services – all tailored to your requirements.

Maximum security
Drawing on the Bosch infrastructure, our ethical standards, and our IoT principles, we guarantee the best possible security in implementing your solution. All our solutions comply with EU data-protection regulations.