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Proof-of-concept starter package

Get started into Bosch IoT Analytics with an initial PoC.

Data analytics based on your real-world data
Anomaly detection by using our cloud service

What's in it for you?

When you have a specific project in mind, our Bosch IoT Analytics PoC starter package is the perfect place to begin.

  • Based on your real-world data (max. 5 GB), we realize the data cleaning and preprocessing needed for the subsequent anomaly detection. (max. 4 hours*)
  • Using our Anomaly Detection cloud service in the Bosch IoT Cloud, we analyze your data, screen the analysis results, and perform custom aggregations as needed.
  • We sketch out a possible solution architecture with the Anomaly Detection service in the Bosch IoT Cloud as one part of your IoT solution, including a feasibility assessment (i.e. a five-page report). The architecture will cover possible data storage options as data input for anomaly detection, identify necessary interfaces with the rest of your IoT solution based on Bosch IoT Suite services and other potential Bosch IoT cloud services, as well as present results, i.e. data output of the anomaly detection, in the form of visualizations in a dashboard or actionable output (e.g. anomaly scores stored in a database or fed into an event stream).
  • In a two-hour remote session, we present the results of our analysis to you along with an outlook of a potential data-driven business model.

Starter package pricing: 2.500 Euros excl. VAT**

* We assume that the data provided by the customer adheres to a certain degree of quality standards. To ensure that we will be able to produce meaningful initial results, a data sample is required before we can confirm your order. In the event that the data provided does not meet quality standards, special arrangements will need to be made.
**10% of this pricing (max. 1,500 Euros – will be refunded if the customer purchases an IoT analytics project based on our Anomaly Detection cloud service within six months of the PoC.

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