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Edge computing white paper
Edge computing for IoT

How edge computing complements the cloud in IoT

Series of white papers from Bosch Software Innovations on the Internet of Things
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A guide on how edge computing complements the cloud in IoT

The growing number of IoT sensors generating terabytes of data, and the need for quick and reliable processing of this data, has motivated a common IoT approach of edge computing software communicating with IoT cloud platforms.

The importance and benefits of cloud computing, such as high computational processing and storage, are well understood in industry. Edge computing is rising in prominence enabling quick, secure, and local processing on gateways located near the devices.

This white paper explores the benefits of edge computing in IoT. It takes a look at the key features that a software solution requires in order to build a bridge between edge gateways and the cloud computing platforms.


  • Why edge computing & cloud computing?
  • Edge computing use cases: Industrial IoT, Retail, Mobility
  • Things to consider when selecting edge computing solutions
  • Bosch IoT Suite for edge & cloud computing

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