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Bosch IoT: Suite Device Management ranked as "Best in Class"
Bosch IoT Suite

Device management rated “Best in Class”

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PAC report on device management and data integration

PAC RADAR Iot platform in Europe 2017 Icon lens
PAC Innovation RADAR for IoT platforms in Europe 2017 – Device management and data Integration

Part of the large CXP Group, PAC analyzed 14 companies in the field of device management in the Internet of Things (IoT). The study focused on the European market. Six companies were rated as “Excellent” and three as “Best in Class,” with the Bosch IoT Suite’s device management securing the position of benchmark.

The study looked at device management and IoT data integration for the comprehensive and centralized management of connected devices. In particular, it focused on cloud-based device management, the networking of a large number of different devices, and IoT data integration (iPaaS). This segment concentrates on central and scalable device management and the integration of device data into further applications.

Bosch IoT Suite: Device management and data integration are “Best in Class”

PAC best in class

The PAC analysts rated Bosch Software Innovations as above average in several categories, noting in particular the company’s strong strategic focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, they designated the Bosch IoT Suite’s device management the leader in the European market and awarded it the “Best in Class” seal, thanks in part to the company’s strong references.