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Webinar: How to manage and control software updates for IoT devices
Live webinar on February 13, 2018

How to manage and control software updates for IoT devices?

This webinar is about a common requirement in most IoT scenarios: updating software (components) on edge devices, controllers, and gateways.
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Webinar: How to manage software updates for IoT devices?

Updating software (components) on edge devices, controllers, and gateways is a common requirement in most Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. For example, auto manufacturers need to securely and efficiently schedule and organize software updates transmitted to millions of connected vehicles in a carefully managed fashion, without having to bring the vehicles into a workshop. White goods manufacturers need to remotely send updates to batches of thousands of washing machines and dryers, thus providing consumers with access to the latest updates, services and offerings – including convenient options such as the automatic ordering of detergent.

What's in for you?
In this webinar IoT experts from Bosch Software Innovations will explain the challenges of updating software for IoT devices, give insights into practical examples on different domains, and share recommendations on how to securely manage and control the process of software updates in IoT scenarios.

Who is the webinar for?

  • Product Lifecycle Manager
  • Product Manager
  • IoT Project Manager
  • Release Manager
  • IoT Application & Service Operators

Date and time of the webinar

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