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Bosch Software Innovations
Software Innovations · Bosch IoT Suite
October 10, 2017

“Sharpen Your Edge” Day 2017: Singapore

Bosch Software Innovations
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Asia Pacific roadshow dedicated to enabling and managing IoT edge devices

Event details:
Date: Tuesday, 10th of October, 2017
Time: 09:00 - 12:25 followed by lunch
Place: Robert Bosch Building, 11 Bishan Street 21, Singapore, 573943.

Event agenda

09:00 – 09:30 | Registration and welcome coffee

09:30 – 09:40 | Welcome address | Thomas Jakob, Regional President Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations.

09:40 – 10:00 | The Art of Balance: How Gateways Build the Bridge Between Edge and Cloud Computing Part 1. Technology and benefits | Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, Vice President Product Group ProSyst, Bosch Software Innovations.

10:00 – 10:25 I Bosch IoT Suite – One IoT Platform for All Business Domains | Thomas Herrmann, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bosch Software Innovations.

  • Innovative Use Cases in:
    • Bosch Smart Home
    • Connected Manufacturing
    • Connected Mobility
  • Q&A.

10:25 – 10:55 | The Art of Balance: How Gateways Build the Bridge Between Edge and Cloud Computing Part 2. Product roadmap | Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, Vice President Product Group ProSyst, Bosch Software Innovations.

10:55 – 11:15| Coffee break with demo introduction

11:15 – 12:00 | End User Perspective | Best practice shared by our users.
  • Device management in agriculture | Bosch Australia.
  • Device management for smart filters | MANN+HUMMEL Filter Technology Pte Ltd.
  • Bosch backend software for energy management | Power Automation Pte Ltd.

12:00 – 12:30 | Introduction into OSGi | Kai Hackbarth, Evangelist, Bosch Software Innovations, and member of the Board of Directors, OSGi Alliance.

12:30 – 13:30 | Lunch

13:30 – 15:30 | Individual meetings with Bosch Software Innovations management | By prior appointment.

Dr. Dimitar Valtchev

Vice President & Head of Product Group ProSyst | Bosch Software Innovations

Dr. Dimitar Valtchev is Head of ProSyst Product Group at Bosch Software Innovations. He has a strong technical background serving as CTO of ProSyst Software GmbH for more than 15 years. His main technical interests are in the fields of embedded systems, device management and distributed computing, and he leads the development of ProSyst product portfolio. Recently, Dimitar has been involved in numerous IoT projects in Smart Home, automotive and industrial domains involving Bosch IoT Suite and its ProSyst components. He believes in the power of open systems and architectures and actively participates in standardization organizations, such as OSGi Alliance and HGI. Dimitar is a senior member of IEEE and holds MSc in Electronics, MSc in Computer Science and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia.

Dr. Dimitar Vatchev, Vice President & Head of Product Group ProSyst

Thomas Herrmann

Vice President of Sales & Marketing | Bosch Software Innovations

Thomas Herrmann joined the Corporate Research department of Bosch Group in 1996 as a project lead for automotive safety solutions, after receiving his Master’s degree in Sensor System Technology at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. For more than 13 years after that he occupied various leading positions in Bosch Automotive OEM, being responsible for sales, strategic business development, and marketing. In 2011 Thomas took over the leading role for sales, product management, marketing, and service in the new Bosch business division for renewable energy for inverters and storage systems. Following his passion for connected devices and solutions, in July 2016 Thomas joined Bosch Software Innovations and is now supervising sales and marketing of the Bosch IoT Suite, including ProSyst products.

Thomas Herrmann

Kai Hackbarth

Evangelist | Bosch Software Innovations

Kai Hackbarth joined ProSyst in 2001 (today product group of Bosch Software Innovations). Since then, he has been deeply involved in the technical standardization activities of the OSGi Alliance. Hackbarth is a member of the OSGi Alliance Board of Directors and since 2008, Co-Chair of the OSGi Residential Expert Group. His key areas are smart homes, automotive and the Internet of Things.

Kai Hackbarth, Evangelist

Roadshow Impressions from Thomas Herrmann

Thomas Herrmann

This autumn, Thomas Herrmann, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Bosch Software Innovations, traveled to Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo to speak at our “Sharpen Your Edge” Days 2017. The roadshow was themed around the Internet of Things (IoT) device layer. It was where we shared how Bosch technologies are helping customers around the region integrate and manage their IoT gateways and edge devices. We caught up with Thomas for a Q&A about his main takeaways from the trip.

Questions we asked

Why did Bosch select Asia Pacific for the roadshow?

Bosch has worked in Asia for almost a century, and I’m proud to say we enjoy a great reputation here. This high level of confidence in our products and brand is now helping us to introduce IoT solutions in the region. But I never underestimate our competitors. Attracted by its high growth rates, vendors are now taking the Asian market by storm, so competition here is especially tough. Because of this, we also wanted to use this opportunity to demonstrate our strong commitment to the region as well.

Can you share your impressions on the current state of digitization and IoT in Asia Pacific?

When it comes to IoT, in one sense there is no Asia or any other region. As they say, IoT has no borders. Take, for example, the projects involving software and firmware updates over the air (SOTA/FOTA) that we have carried out with car manufacturers in Europe. They are now selling their connected cars around the globe.

That said, Asia is no doubt a leader in both IoT technology and adoption. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2020, Asia Pacific will be at the frontline for IoT adoption, accounting for 8.6 billion of 29.5 billion connected devices globally. In many ways, this region is showing Europe and the rest of the world the way. On the other hand, there are many opportunities for us to share our extensive European experience here in Asia.

Are there any interesting cultural observations you made during your trip?

The region is obviously very diverse. And of course, this is reflected in their different motivations for getting on board IoT. In China, the fastest growing economy in the world, the speed to get things done is the decisive element, while in Singapore the audience wants to first consider the business case, and how it pays off. In Japan, with its deep-rooted interest in technology, even top executives are very curious about technical details. We adjusted the roadshow agenda from country to country to reflect these differences.

Speaking more broadly, I did notice that despite LinkedIn and Twitter, the traditional ceremony of exchanging name cards — holding them in both hands and bowing — is still going strong in Asia. Some good old things never go out of style!

Bosch offers a comprehensive IoT platform – Bosch IoT Suite. Why did you focus on gateway and device management software this time?

Simply put, IoT does not happen without them! Edge devices and their connectivity are the foundation of the IoT upon which all solutions are built. We all talk a lot about digital transformation and new business models based on IoT, but they will not happen unless we connect devices first. However, connecting them is only part of the deal.

A recent survey revealed that a large number of companies were unable to identify all IoT and OT devices on their networks, leading them to be dubbed “ enterprise security time bombs”. This is because they tend to get lost and forgotten on enterprise networks. And no wonder — can you imagine the time and effort it takes to manually manage devices as they grow into the millions and billions? The price for such negligence could be high — AT&T has logged a 458 per cent increase in vulnerability scanning of IoT devices in the last two years. You reduce security risks when you use device management software to organize and monitor them remotely. This will also let you remotely update their firmware, eliminating yet another headache.

So, our roadshow specifically addressed some of these concerns. Additionally, we have a very strong solutions portfolio to offer in this area — and I am happy to share that this year, our IoT device management was recognized as “Best in Class” among 14 vendors.

Did you meet the interest you expected? What was the feedback to the solutions you presented?

For us, one of the goals of the roadshow was to “get a feel” for the local markets, and listen to feedback about what is in demand right now. The interest in Bosch solutions for IoT edge devices appeared to be much higher than we expected. We reached into spheres and domains we had never touched before. It was truly impressive, and we will invest more effort into the Asian market to satisfy this demand.

Can you name any highlights of the roadshows?

I really enjoyed the exchange between our existing and potential customers. In many ways, the biggest value for participants is hearing their peers’ experiences. We opened the stage for companies from different domains who shared their varied roads to digital transformation.

Any particular projects you would like to mention?

In Singapore, Ho Hsi Choong, head of MANN+HUMMEL’s IoT Lab, spoke about the company’s work to develop smarter cleaning technologies. Given the environment is a major concern in Asia and elsewhere in the world, it is a promising project. They are testing filters that collect and analyze data to improve cleaning performance and reduce fine dust pollution from vehicles. MANN+HUMMEL use Bosch IoT Remote Manager to manage the connectivity and functionality of what may eventually grow to millions of field devices.

Another exciting project we talked about was an IoT solution for agriculture rolled out by Australian start-up The Yield. Farming is a sphere in which the smallest change to the environmental conditions, such as weather or water quality, can spell disaster. Together with Bosch, The Yield developed a solution to help farmers remotely monitor farms’ microclimate and condition of their crops — be it oysters or apples. Not only is this a time-saver, but it gives them the ability to make decisions based on real data.

What do you think was your audience’s main takeaway from the roadshow?

The importance of partnerships. Digital transformation means technology powers organizations more than ever. Consequently, unlike the name card, the classical model of doing business with strictly assigned roles for vendor and customer is becoming a thing of the past.

The new type of industry relationships is not about buyer and seller, but about partnership and joint project development. We work together with our customers to identify a business case and apply technology so that in the end we create an IoT solution that’s right for all. As we say at Bosch, “No one can do IoT alone”.

So far, you have mentioned oysters, apples and giving Asia a taste of Bosch’s work. Are you trying to tell us something?

Well, outside of the roadshow I did have a great time exploring the culinary scene of each city I visited! The range of cuisines you can find in Singapore is amazing. I am also a big sushi fan, so in Japan, I made sure I found small sushi bars to sit at the counter and watch the sushi chef do his amazing work.

 "Sharpen Your Edge" Day 2017, Singapore attendees
 Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, Vice President Product Group ProSyst, Bosch Software Innovations.
 Thomas Herrmann, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bosch Software Innovations.
 Eddie Tan with attendees
 Ho Hsi Choong, Director, Internet of Things Lab, MANN+HUMMEL Filter Technology Pte Ltd.
 Kerk See Ghim, Senior Manager, Power Automation Pte Ltd
 Demo viewing
 Swaroop with attendees
 Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, Vice President Product Group ProSyst, Bosch Software Innovations.

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