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Webcast: APAC IIoT platforms & approach to I4.0 projects implementation
Webcast by Frost & Sullivan

APAC IIoT platforms & approach to I4.0 projects implementation

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Webcast – APAC IIoT platforms & approach to I4.0 projects implementation

What can I get out of the Frost & Sullivan webcast?
Kenny Yeo, a key analyst from Frost & Sullivan market research & consulting agency, will share insights and findings in the following areas:

  • How to implement a successful Industry 4.0 project
  • What could be the challenges of such implementations in Asia Pacific and how to deal with them
  • Why it is important to start small with a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project
  • Who the top Industrial IoT cloud platforms providers in Asia Pacific are and analysts’ views on their product and service strategies
  • How to decide on the right vendor for your project
  • Findings about Bosch Software Innovations, its solutions portfolio and market position

Who is the webcast for?
This webcast is free of charge and aimed at companies considering or already implementing IIoT projects, both in Asia Pacific and across the globe.

About Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan is a renowned consulting and market intelligence company founded over 50 years ago, which provides market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training services across multiple industries. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices in over 45 countries with other 1800 employees. The company expanded into Asia in the 1990s and opened offices in China, Japan, India and Singapore.

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The speaker

Kenny Yeo is a Senior Industry Analyst in Asia Pacific ICT Practice of Frost & Sullivan with over 13 years of experience in conducting market research and consulting in IoT and Connected Industry Space. In 2016 he became a member of F&S President’s Club for Research and Consulting, an elite qualification governed by meritocracy.

Webcast speaker: Kenny Yeo
Kenny Yeo