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You can generate added value with connected devices and  use an app to remotely control them for ease and convenience.

Indego Connect: how connected devices add value

Using Indego Connect by Bosch Power Tools is easy and convenient. All you need is an app connected to a backend solution.
Connect devices with ease
Convenient app operation from anywhere

Intelligent device management of the Indego Connect robotic lawn mower

Connect distributed devices intelligently and obtain new insights from device data.

An app makes it simple to monitor and control the Indego Connect robotic lawn mower. Icon lens
An app makes it simple to monitor and control the Indego Connect robotic lawn mower.

More and more people are using connected devices and apps to make business more efficient or to simplify daily life. Bosch offers solutions that allow you to remotely monitor and control devices ranging from street sweepers and automatic machines to power tools and heating systems. We aim to combine an easy-to-use and intuitive online portal or app with a backend and frontend solution tailored to your devices and requirements.

Indego Connect, a robotic lawn mower from Bosch Power Tools, exemplifies how value can be added to connected devices by equipping them with new functions and interactive options. You can conveniently operate Indego Connect from anywhere by using an app. Data is transmitted via the GSM standard. Bosch Software Innovations developed the customer-specific backend solution based on the Bosch IoT Suite. The user can command Indego Connect to begin mowing the lawn, take a break, or return to its base station. The user can even lock the mower. In addition, the app shows which areas of grass Indego Connect has already mown and where the machine is at any given time.

Robotic lawnmower Bosch Indego Connect

How connectivity can grant you new insights into the use of devices

Connectivity leads to new or improved devices and services. Icon lens
Connectivity leads to new or improved devices and services

Instead of meandering, Indego Connect relies on Logicut, an intelligent navigation system that ensures efficient lawn mowing. Indego Connect also informs the user as soon as mower blades need to be inspected.

Regardless of where users are, they can easily use a smartphone or tablet to conveniently control the robotic lawn mower. And thanks to a recent software update, the app can now analyze weather data to calculate the next ideal opportunity for mowing the lawn. Software updates and device connectivity make it possible to offer new, intelligent features for users – with no need to modify the product itself.

Thanks to connectivity with end users, Bosch Power Tools can study how Indego Connect is used in practice. The company thus identified a demand for smaller lawn mowers. Bosch therefore launched the Indego 400 Connect: ideal for smaller lawns, it is a targeted response to demand.

The benefits of connected devices for manufacturers and end users

Connect distributed devices intelligently and obtain new insights from device data

For manufacturers

  • Offer even better products simply by means of over-the-air updates of firmware
  • Develop improved or new services and products based on usage data
  • Preventive maintenance: early detection of malfunctions prevents problems
  • Support for many connection standards, including GSM, 3G, LTE, WLAN, Zigbee, and Bluetooth

For end users

  • Simple access to devices: straightforward and remote modification of device settings from anywhere
  • Remote updating of software: automatic updates and new features with no need for on-site work
  • Theft protection via geofencing and remote locking
  • Device management featuring predefined rules for responding to certain device events