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IoT Webinar Series Bosch Software Innovations
EPISODE 2 | May 10 | 1 pm CDT

IoT Webinar Series: IoT connectivity pitfalls

The seven IoT connectivity pitfalls and how to avoid them

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More than 150 current IoT projects

We are the Bosch IoT technology and solution provider. Our IoT projects and our IoT platform address practically every area where Bosch is active.


Our Industry 4.0 solutions help you optimize production and logistics processes. The collection, visualization, and analysis of data from machines, processes, and sensors will lead to entirely new opportunities for your business.


Connectivity is key to tomorrow’s mobility! We offer cutting-edge solutions ranging from connected electric-vehicle charging networks through connected vehicles to connected intermodal mobility services.


Our connected energy solutions digitalize and connect the energy industry. They are also the basis for new business models and services for metering point operators, direct marketers, energy traders, and grid operators.


We are transforming the cities of today into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable cities of tomorrow by providing connected solutions for urbanites – in turn making life easy and efficient.

Home and building

Our solutions for connected buildings and our IoT platform enable smart-home solution providers, building managers, and manufacturers of building technology to provide new business models based on connectivity.

Technology for the connected world

Industry 4.0 and connected mobility are two main drivers for the Internet of Things. Learn more about current IoT projects.

"The USP of the Bosch IoT Suite is the comprehensive device management functionality that is unrivalled by the competition."

Experton Group, 2017 I4.0 / IoT Vendor Benchmark

Managing and controlling devices remotely

Our IoT projects provide solutions for connecting devices as well as remotely managing and controlling them.

Our IoT projects provide solutions for connecting devices as well as remotely managing and controlling them.

More and more people are using connected devices and apps to make their businesses more efficient or daily life easier. And we are the ones providing the solutions to connect and remotely manage and control these connected devices – and to enable device manufacturers to gain valuable insights from the data generated by these devices.

We provides solutions for remote monitoring and control of devices such as street sweepers, elevators, machines, power tools, and heating systems. Our goal is to combine simple device operation using an intuitive online portal or an app with a backend/frontend solution customized to your requirements and devices.

Our IoT project on Indego Connect, a Bosch Power Tools robotic lawnmower, exemplifies how new functionalities and interaction options can add value to connected devices.

White paper: Anomaly detection in IoT Our Indego Connect IoT project

IoT in agriculture

The IoT has the potential to unleash the next step change in farm productivity and support the sustainable intensification of food production.

Secure acquisition of data from distributed devices

Cloud-based solution for acquiring, storing, and preparing large quantities of data in the Internet of Things

Connected devices quickly generate a lot of data. Our cloud-based solution makes it possible to acquire field data in a systematic, flexible, and secure manner. Domain experts can then use such data to analyze data from devices being used in the field. As a result, products and solutions can be developed or refined.

About structured field-data acquisition

Our solutions for the connected world

We design, develop, and operate innovative software and system solutions that help our customers around the world to succeed in the Internet of Things.