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Bosch Software Innovations

Software Innovations · Bosch IoT Suite

Secure data acquisition from distributed devices

Utilizing large volumes of data via systematic field data exploration

Using motor vehicles as an example, we will show you how our software continuously acquires, saves, and prepares large amounts of data.

Database for improving products and solutions
Establishing new and better services

Integrated solution for systematic, flexible, and secure exploration of data

Distributed devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly generate large amounts of data (big data). Our cloud-based solution allows you to acquire data in a systematic, flexible, and secure manner. Domain experts can use such data to analyze real-life device data in order to, for instance, develop or advance products and solutions. But as this data is usually sensor data with no time reference, the potential of Data Analytics is severely limited.

Our solution, conversely, assigns a time stamp to all data acquired, thus facilitating time-series analysis. Even if data points are missing, the systematic acquisition of field data offers proven methods for exploring it and filling any gaps.

It is important to visualize the results of big-data analytics so that device data can be leveraged to develop new or better products and solutions. Our solution provides sophisticated tools designed to do just that.

Using Bosch diagnostic devices to intelligently leverage big data

Adding value by intelligently utilizing vehicle data Icon lens
Adding value by intelligently utilizing vehicle data.

A rising number of electronic control units in motor vehicles monitor more and more functions. Bosch offers diagnostic devices for nearly every make and model to help mechanics make accurate diagnoses, despite the increasing share of vehicle electronics. With thousands of automotive service centers throughout Europe using our diagnostic devices, their mechanics can identify malfunctions quickly and efficiently.

Every time a vehicle is connected to the diagnostic device, hundreds of field data points are transmitted – and this happens several thousand times a day. Thanks to our proven approach, the data from these diagnostic devices is sent to a data center, where it is then decoded, structured, and checked. This data ultimately makes it possible to optimize systems, components, and functions as well as develop new solutions, such as preventive maintenance.

The systematic exploration of field data lets engineers examine and improve parts and components – even during development.

Did you know?

800 types of data

Bosch diagnostic devices acquire 800 types of data from every vehicle visit to an automotive service center.

Advantages of the systematic exploration of field data at a glance

Obtain new insights from device data by processing large amounts of data at high speed

Your advantages

  • Easy and efficient access to all types of device data
  • Systematic acquisition of data from distributed devices
  • Decoding, normalization, validation, and preparation of data
  • Database for future products and services
  • Basis for optimization of products and predictive maintenance
  • Easy access to your data via reporting interfaces and management dashboard

What does this mean for you?

  • Better products and solutions
  • Proper design (actual load vs. specification)
  • Low costs and higher reliability
  • Faster approvals and product launches
  • Rapid identification of quality issues
  • Avoidance of warranty claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction