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IoT Solutions and Services by Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations offers solutions and services that allow the rapid development and integration of large numbers of IoT edge devices into cloud-based application environments.

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Corey Plender - Others

Corey Plender
Director, Solution Sales and Architecture
Phone +1 312 368-2524

Operations, Support and Professional Services


Operations and Support Services


Bosch Software Innovations also offers managed services options to establish and maintain the operations of a deployed IoT application in a cloud environment. We will deploy the cloud app, monitor it and be responsible for day to day operations of it. This allows the client to focus on their business and leave the ins and outs of running a cloud application to Bosch.

Managed Operations Services

Bosch supplies the cloud platform for the client. It also supplies the personnel to operate the cloud platform. This includes operators who constantly monitor the health of the application, system admins who manage the system and database administrators who ensure that the data is stored securely.

Managed Scalable Deployment Architecture

Bosch operations staff are constantly monitoring the health of the cloud platform. When they detect that the limits of the current implementation are being pushed, they can add capacity to the platform by adding more storage or more computing power. The architecture used by Bosch supports scaling as needed.

Cellular Carrier Integration

Bosch has extensive contacts with most major carriers. Often Bosch is able to negotiate much better terms than a client would be able to get on their own. In addition to negotiating rates, Bosch is also able to offer assistance in getting any device created by a client certified on a carrier's network.

Call Center Services

If needed Bosch can provide Tier 1 call center support. End users can call a Bosch call center and receive basic Tier 1 support. The Bosch call center also provides Tier 3 support to the client's Tier 1 support personnel.

Fulfillment Services

Bosch can support any deployment plans by fulfilling orders for a field kit. They can source any required parts, package them and ship them to the installater.

Device Manufacturing

Bosch can help a client design, create and manufacture a custom edge device if needed. Bosch has been through the device manufacturing process many times and is able to smooth the path.


Professional Services

Bosch Software Innovations can join your solution development process at any stage. Whether Bosch is asked to bid to a specification or to design a solution around a business model, we can deliver an IoT solution that meets your business needs.

Bosch Software Innovations can provide the following professional services from concept to development:

Business Services Consultancy

  • Use-case development
  • Business model development
  • ROI assessments
  • Integration assessments

Solution Architect Services

  • Gateway hardware and software design / best practices
  • Edge protocol selection
  • Connectivity and communications models
  • UX design services