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Bosch Software Innovations
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Asia Pacific Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms 2016
Frost Industry Quotient

Asia Pacific Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms 2016

Frost Industry Quotient: Asia Pacific Industrial IoT Cloud Platforms 2016

This independent market research conducted by Frost & Sullivan at the end of 2016 gives an overview of the Industrial Internet of Things ecosystem and describes business and operational objectives of implementing Industry 4.0 solutions, with the main focus of the study being the competitive landscape of Industrial IoT cloud platforms in Asia Pacific.The research provides a detailed evaluation of the top 8 vendors in the region, assessing their strengths and analyzing challenges they face. If your company is considering implementation of IoT solutions, this is a valuable source of information for making the right decision.

  • The study includes profiles of Bosch, Fujitsu, GE, IBM, Hitachi, Microsoft, Thingworx and SAP.
  • Main evaluation criteria comprise market share, product/service strategy, people and skills strategy, ecosystem strategy and business strategy.
  • The results of evaluation are presented in Frost IQ Matrix.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Bosch Software Innovations is recognized as the leader in the Asia Pacific Market, "able to approach industrial companies with full practical understanding of their day-to-day operational challenges and provide real-world solutions to meet them". Frost & Sullivan considers this understanding a key differentiator.

Do you want to make an informed decision on Industrial IoT platform providers?

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