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Bosch Software Innovations
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Bosch Connected Manufacturing Webinar

The new face of Industry 4.0 is plug & play

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09/29/2017 | 9 – 10 am (CEST, German Time) - English
09/28/2017 | 11 am – 12 pm (CEST, German Time) - German

Connecting your machines & tools along the supply chain – Plug & play

How easy-to-install solutions help you instantly gain transparency – currently applied in an injection molding pilot project.

In complex supply chains such as automotive parts production, many production tools used in the field lack reliable information as to their precise location, condition, and when they must be serviced or replaced. In the case of costly tools in particular, it can quickly pay off for both OEMs and suppliers to achieve real-time transparency of tools in operation – thus improving the supply chain.

This can be achieved instantly even when your tools and machines are not yet connected. Currently, Bosch is implementing this in an injection molding pilot project. Our approach is to seriously integrate future users into developing the solution to-be and ensure the perfect match with existing market needs. With retrofit solutions as the Molding Tool Manager (V1.0 available 03/18), you will be able to start collecting and analyzing real-time production data right away in the future.

You are welcome to become part of this initiative and participate with your input in this webinar.

Key topics of this webinar will be:

  • Understanding how sensor- and cloud-based solutions as Molding Tool Manager (V1.0 available 03/18) can be implemented to gain full transparency of injection molding tools in the field
  • Savings that can be achieved in injection molding
  • Leveraging this plug & play approach to deliver instant transparency on key performance and quality indicators
  • How these new retrofit solutions can be applied to your tools & machines in the field
  • At a glance: How to gain instant transparency in your supply chain, based on real-time production data

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Markus Glissmann

Head of House of Mold Excellence | Bosch

Markus has worked for Bosch for more than six years as head of tool cost validation at Gasoline Systems, directly target-linked to the automotive corporate purchasing organization. His team is focused on Initial Costs for Special Tools (ICT) and tooling owned by Bosch but installed on supplier side. Reaching transparency in tooling-related data is one of Markus’ main targets.

Markus Glissmann

Karlheinz Peter

Product owner for Industry 4.0 cloud-based sensor solutions | Bosch Software Innovations

Karlheinz is product owner for Industry 4.0 cloud-based sensor solutions at Bosch Software Innovations. His focus is to create customer value with leading edge sensor technology. Deep experience in digital transformation and complex software systems taught him the beauty of keeping things simple. Making Industry 4.0 as simple as an iPhone is his ultimate goal.

Karlheinz Peter