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Bosch Software Innovations
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Industry 4.0 standards

Open standards: one of the fundamental prerequisites for Industry 4.0

Only with Industry 4.0 standards and open interfaces is it possible to quickly and easily connect different manufacturers’ products and software in a single environment, enabling seamless horizontal and vertical integration.
We are involved in a variety of related projects, ranging from a machine language for Industry 4.0 to cross-platform standards to retrofit solutions for old machinery.

An industry-specific protocol for simplified communication between devices and software


The best possible management of production processes calls for the many sensors and machines in a manufacturing facility to deliver their data to the central software. This is a complicated undertaking, as until now all these machines and sensors have used many different 'languages' or they have used different protocols to transfer the data. It is difficult to get them to communicate with each other, but Bosch has developed the Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) – an industry-specific protocol that facilitates communication between devices and software – to enable machines and sensors to communicate better.

The PPMP is being further developed in the Eclipse open source community. Initial practical experience with it will also feed into this work, which means anyone can use the protocol free of charge – it was incorporated, for example, into the IoT Gateway, a retrofit solution from Bosch Rexroth.