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Workshop on data analytics in manufacturing
Workshop on data analytics in manufacturing

Get started with data analytics in your factory

For many of our customers in manufacturing, our two-day data analytics workshop has proved the ideal way to kickstart their data analytics project.

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The manufacturing analytics workshop will help you find answers to your questions

This two-day workshop is held at the customer’s site. It is designed for three to ten participants and accommodates a variety of initiatives.

Our tool set: guidelines and templates to support your data analytics in manufacturing project Icon lens
Our tool set: guidelines and templates to support your data analytics project

Our workshop will help you answer the following questions:

  • Which use cases will deliver quick wins from data analytics, and which will deliver the most benefits?
  • Which experts (internal and external) will I need for my analytics project?
  • What data will I need, and what volume, in what form, quality, etc.? What do I already have?
  • What benefits can I expect?
  • What pitfalls must I avoid, and which factors are crucial for success?
  • How soon can I expect results?

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Here are your specific takeaways from the workshop

You will gain specific, implementable results that will help you take a systematic approach to your analytics project. Our tool set provides added support.

Cause-and-effect diagram Icon lens
One of your specific takeaways is a cause-and-effect diagram

  • A clear idea of just what analytics can do for you and your production process.
  • The knowledge of what data you will need and in what form, as well as what you will need to process it (data quality guideline).
  • A first set of identified use cases, including pre-selection and initial evaluation.
  • A jointly developed cause-and-effect diagram showing what process steps and data are relevant for your analytics project.

How to get started with Data Analytics

Why we work the way we do

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Identifying your data analytics potential

  • Our hands-on approach providing specific takeaways allows you to get started right away after the workshop.
  • Your point of contact on our team is a Manufacturing Analytics engineer with extensive knowledge of production processes, which is essential to the success of your project.
  • Our work is based on the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM), which will help you get your initiative approved.

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Your benefits at a glance

Comprehensive tool set
You will have access to our comprehensive tool set comprising our data quality guidelines and various tried-and-true templates (relating to business, data understanding, etc.).

Getting started
Our workshops give you everything you need to launch your analytics project or initiative.

Extensive knowledge of manufacturing
Our Manufacturing Analytics engineers lay the foundation that lets you efficiently and successfully solve your problem.

Experts and data
You will learn which experts at your company you should involve and for what purpose, and what data you will need.

Extensive experience in analytics
We have extensive experience in analytics, particularly in relation to manufacturing.

Recognized approach
Our approach is in line with the CRISP-DM standard, the respected approach for conducting data analytics and data mining projects.