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Manufacturing Analytics solutions: analyze your production data and generate added value
Data Analytics in manufacturing

Manufacturing Analytics: intelligently using production data

Production data is the most important raw material in Industry 4.0. Data Analytics helps you use your data to add true value.
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Data Analytics, especially in heat treatment
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Why Bosch Manufacturing Analytics?

Data scientists, production experts, and IT specialists work hand in hand to support your Manufacturing Analytics project.

Rapid results that add value

Working closely with you, we implement your data analytics project in a goal-focused fashion,employing proven methods, blueprints and tools derived from many years of Manufacturing Analytics experience at Bosch.

More than an analytics service project

Backed by extensive experience in software development and product management, we support you by implementing the resulting algorithms and predictive models on live data as software in your IT environment.

Our service goes further

Even after the results have been handed over, we continue to assist you with maintenance and support to steadily refine your implemented analytics models.

You can start right away

In our workshops and training courses, you will get everything you need to launch your analytics project or initiative in manufacturing – specific takeaways included.

It all comes down to the right combination

Draw upon the experience of our data scientists, Manufacturing Analytics engineers, and IT specialists so that you can successfully implement your data analytics software project in production.

No matter where you are

Our Manufacturing Analytics services are available worldwide thanks to Bosch’s global footprint.

Comprehensive tool set

You will have access to our comprehensive tool set, which comprises our data quality guidelines as well as various tried-and-true templates for your data analytics project in manufacturing.

Based on recognized standards

Our approach for your Manufacturing Analytics project is based on the CRISP-DM standard. This will help get your initiative approved.


Scrap costs in pump module production were reduced, applying data analytics. Leading to monthly savings of 200.000 EUR.

Successful Manufacturing Analytics projects

We carry out Manufacturing Analytics service projects based on the CRISP-DM industry standard.

We apply the CRISP-DM standard, supplemented by a phase of technical understanding. Icon lens
Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM), supplemented by technical understanding

Our Manufacturing Analytics services are based on the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). We especially use it for Manufacturing Analytics projects and expand it with a “Technical process understanding” component. Why is that essential? We know from experience that an analysis based solely on data often fails to ensure that goals are met. For this reason, we prioritize applying our expertise to thoroughly understand customers’ problems and their data-related processes in the context of data.

How do our customers benefit from Manufacturing Analytics projects? Here’s a selection of applications:

Manufacturing Analytics for superior quality
- Field data: Field failure analysis, risk assessment
- Process quality: Surface coatings, heat treatment, hardening processes
- Process standardization: Packaging
- Testing outlay and results
- Root cause analysis: Scrap, rework
- Anomaly detection

Manufacturing Analytics for best performance/output
- Calibration time reduction
- Test time reduction: Redundancy analysis for testing processes
- Cycle time monitoring
- Data-driven process optimization

Manufacturing Analytics for minimized maintenance costs
- Predictive maintenance
- Prediction of machine failures
- Predictive replacement of wear parts
- Error sequence detection
- Condition monitoring

What to expect from predictive analytics

Manufacturing Analytics: Analyze your production data, generate added value

Time-consuming series of tests are a thing of the past. We support you with tried-and-true Manufacturing Analytics methods.

Production processes generate a whole range of data: test data, process data, machine data, etc. This data is often termed the most important raw material in Industry 4.0. Applying data analytics can help you generate concrete added value from your data – either when issues arise or through a process of continuous improvement by identifying correlations that had previously gone unnoticed.
Make use of the data already at your disposal and benefit from the added value you can generate with Manufacturing Analytics!

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Intelligently utilize existing production data

From data integration to machine learning: Manufacturing Analytics covers all stages.

Data analytics covers all stages of gaining new insights and value from data. Icon lens
From data integration to machine learning: Manufacturing Analytics covers all stages.

Data integration
If you want to make use of existing production data, it must be processed and integrated in a goal-driven manner. We will thoroughly support your IT experts during this key phase. You will take advantage of all our expertise in data science, without needing to worry about data analytics. In addition, you can benefit from our data-quality guideline – full of best practices.

Data visualization
Do you need a customized dashboard or an app to visualize your data and results? We supply our customers with cockpits, for example based on Tableau. Apps for production environments utilize smartphone sensors. Those are just two examples of how you can benefit from our expertise in data analytics.

Data mining and machine learning
We will take care of applying the data-mining and machine-learning methods best suited to your project. We use widespread solution patterns for production as a blueprint for results-oriented implementation. You do not need any in-house expertise in data science.

Together we will even take it a step further: after we integrate the developed prediction models into your IT environment, they can be applied to real-time data – for predictive maintenance, for example.

What to expect from predictive analytics?

Predictive maintenance

Our Manufacturing Analytics engineer interviews Bosch ConnectedWorld attendees about the potential of predictive analytics in manufacturing. Discover the innovative opportunities for the improvement of your production opened up through predictive maintenance.

Watch now

Overview of Manufacturing Analytics tools and services

In addition to service projects with short, results-oriented phases, we also offer Manufacturing Analytics tools for typical problems in production.

From a getting-started workshop to a customized analytics tool: Manufacturing Analytics by Bosch. Icon lens
We provide support from the getting-started workshop to your own analytics tool.

Getting started
Before your data analytics project for manufacturing begins, we work with you in tailored trainings and workshops to specify your most promising use cases. If you opt for Speed Week, you will receive results within three days that you can implement at once.

Depending on your needs and project, we offer three levels of Manufacturing Analytics services.

Phase 1: Initial Insights
The objective is to gain initial insights based on a limited set of your existing production data

Phase 2: Advanced Intelligence
We expand the scope of the database to verify the initial insights.

Phase 3: Automated Analytics
The results from Phase 2 are implemented in your IT environment – for example, as a prediction model for predictive maintenance.

Maintenance and support
We provide you with continuous support as you refine your algorithms in real-time application - with accuracy monitoring and re-training, for instance.

Regarding typical problems in production scenarios, we develop user-friendly, browser-based applications– either as standard or customized tools. Examples include test optimization in end-of-line testing (EoL); identification of quality-related parameters; reduction of scrap; and predictive maintenance, such as detection of error sequences.

Dashboards and apps
The user-oriented visualization of your results and data often determines whether you can optimize use of analytical insights. We create dashboards, for example based on Tableau. Do you require apps to use in production environments? Our users at Bosch plants need such apps too. Take advantage of our expertise.

Our customized Manufacturing Analytics workshop

Analyze your production data and generate added value with Manufacturing Analytics

Pool data analytics benefits for Industry 4.0: with Manufacturing Analytics, vendors can enhance competitiveness and offer new integrated analytics functions.

Manufacturing Analytics offers machine and component manufacturers the opportunity to tap new business areas. You can profit from the economic engine effects of industrial digitalization and connectivity. You can offer your customers completely new integrated analytics functions: downtime prediction (for predictive maintenance), optimizing process parameters crucial to quality (correlation analysis), and structured analysis of field data.
By linking your equipment and components with Manufacturing Analytics, you as a manufacturer can provide your customers with an all-inclusive, no-worries package in which you offer not just your products, but also additional features and services for continuous process improvement. As a machine and component manufacturer, you profit here as well by increasing your competitiveness while expanding your portfolio and making your devices “Industry 4.0 ready”.

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Getting started: Your Manufacturing Analytics initiative

Our data analytics consulting for manufacturing will help get you ready to launch a data analytics initiative in your company.