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Data Processing Module
Customized evaluation of production data with the

Data Processing Module

What can the Data Processing Module do?

The benefits at a glance:

Fast and easy configuration for monitoring production parameters

Automatic analysis of complex correlations

Continuous optimization of monitoring parameters

Customized creation of machine events without using the machine control system

Flexible monitoring of production data in just three steps Icon lens
Flexible monitoring of production data in just three steps

The Data Processing Module is an easy-to-operate tool for customized evaluation of measured values and machine feedback. This software also monitors compliance with the parameters specified for production processes.

This module boasts a suite of implemented rules and functions, such as warning thresholds and trend analysis – allowing you to quickly and easily set and modify parameters. This then generates messages that can be configured. These messages can be visually evaluated and then forwarded immediately to the appropriate people. One such message would warn users that an electric motor in a machine will soon overheat.

Evaluate the right data

Technological progress in Industry 4.0 settings means that considerable amounts of data are being generated. It is therefore important that you can evaluate the truly important data. Your production workforce possesses the requisite expertise. Our Data Processing Module allows you to pre-filter data while giving you an opportunity to very easily translate the expertise of your employees into rules and functions. This module also offers wide-ranging expansion possibilities regarding rule and function components so that you can tailor evaluation of your production data.