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Optimize process quality with the Process Quality Manager
Process Quality Manager

Let us help you reach your goal of zero manufacturing defects

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Intelligent management of process data
Reduce your defect costs by as much as 10%.

What can the Process Quality Manager do?

If manufacturing is to be highly efficient and free from defects, it is essential to respond early and precisely to any process deviations.

Early detection of process risks

If you detect process risks early on, you can take preventive measures and avoid defect costs.

Respond more rapidly to process errors

Responding quickly to deviations can considerably lower defect and reworking costs. The result? More output.

Continuous process transparency

The Process Quality Manager supports continuous improvement and boosts the use of professional expertise.

Managing process data the intelligent way with our Process Quality Manager

The Process Quality Manager lets you monitor and document process data from multiple plants in real time, rendering production more transparent. Timely provision of process data helps you make production more profitable.

Using a cockpit, the Process Quality Manager visualizes various measuring parameters and tolerances. This allows you to detect and resolve problems more quickly. Analysis functions help you identify systematic errors, detect trends early on, and locate causes so that measures can be taken before a defective product is even made. Definable rules ensure that you will be promptly informed of any process deviations. Reporting functions grant continuous monitoring of your measures’ success. All in all, your production processes will keep improving all the time.

With the Process Quality Manager, you can continuously increase productivity, decrease your rework costs, and perhaps even accelerate production ramp-ups.

Realizing savings by using the Process Quality Manager

How the Process Quality Manager helps you realize savings Icon lens

Using the Process Quality Manager helps specialists identify deviations more quickly and start analysis without delay.

You don’t have to worry about reporting defects or gathering required data – the software will do it for you.

This results in a considerable reduction in response times throughout the entire process, from identifying a deviation to resolving it. Ideally, these faster response times should enable you to avoid defects altogether."

New business models for machinery and component manufacturers

For machinery and component manufacturers, the Process Quality Manager offers opportunities for entering new business areas in order to benefit from the growth engine of digital and connected production. By connecting your devices and components with this software, you as the manufacturer can offer your customers an all-inclusive, no-worry package. You thus provide them with a service for continuous process improvement along with your product. Machinery and component manufacturers benefit as well: their competitive edge will increase, their portfolios will expand, and their devices will be ready for Industry 4.0.

Master the constant challenges of safety-critical tightening processes: a case study

Process Quality Manager: Industry 4.0 software solution for tightening experts

What do companies need to make Industry 4.0 production highly efficient and error-free? Two elements are essential: reliably carrying out safety- and function-critical tightening processes in industrial production, and keeping an eye on the virtual models of these processes so they can zero in on deviations and remedy them as quickly as possible. This is already possible thanks to Bosch Industry 4.0 solutions: Bosch Rexroth’s intelligent tightening systems in combination with the Process Quality Manager. The latter is a software solution developed in collaboration between Bosch Rexroth and Bosch Software Innovations.

Application example: tightening processes Icon forward-right