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Production Performance Manager

Production Performance Manager

The Industry 4.0 software solution for systematic improvements to production.

Intelligent use of production data

The Production Performance Manager is an information and evaluation system that improves your production systematically.

Less machine downtime

You can reduce the downtime of your machines thanks to live evaluation of data in a central system and implementation of faster service processes.

Users are in control

People can use as many mobile devices as they want – regardless of location – and receive the data they need.

Flexible configuration

Users are free to configure the system to meet their individual daily needs.

Virtual real-time model

All devices and machines as well as their data are portrayed as a virtual model in near real time.

Provision of open standards

Open standards and interfaces such as the Production Performance Management Protocol make it possible to integrate machines and data sources more quickly than ever before.

An overview of the software solution

 Production Performance Manager functionalities and use cases  Icon lens
Production Performance Manager functionalities and use cases 

The Production Performance Manager consists of a modular and scalable system. Selectable modules and add-ons supplement the software solution with specialized functionalities that are perfectly suited to your unique use cases and requirements.

The Production Performance Manager in pratice

Ensuring that production runs on schedule and boosting repairs efficiency.

OSRAM: Industry 4.0 partner

Bosch and OSRAM have connected over 80 different machines, some older than others, at OSRAM’s Berlin location. The plant for xenon automotive lamps now has the “OSRAM Ticket Manager”, with which OSRAM supports its employees as it moves toward digital, flexible production. At the heart of this concept is the Production Performance Manager.

Application example at OSRAM

More information about the modules

“We should all strive to improve on the status quo: none of us should ever be satisfied with what they have achieved, but should always endeavor to get better.”
Robert Bosch

Digital process for continuous improvement

Digital process for continuous improvement with the Production Performance Manager Icon lens
Digital process for continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of production operations allows you to boost quality, cut costs, and increase output. All three aspects require needs-based action that doesn’t waste resources. They also call for an Industry 4.0 solution that perfectly fosters these principles.

The Production Performance Manager is based on a digitalized process of continuous improvement. This covers everything from visualization and evaluation of data to identification of necessary actions and review of historical data. We put users at the core of this process; our software solution is customized to their needs and precludes media disruption. Every process step corresponds to a software function.

The Production Performance Manager is the ideal Industry 4.0 all-purpose tool and provides a standardized IT basis for customized Industry 4.0 projects. What’s more, the Production Performance Manager makes it possible to harmonize data from different sources across a production environment. It can then extract a custom information set and automatically apply manufacturing expertise. It provides this processed data to users immediately and in a targeted manner. Response times are faster, errors are avoided, tasks are assigned clearly, and long-term data retrieval is ensured.

The basis: administration and visualization of production data

Overview of basic functionalities in the Production Performance Manager Icon lens
Overview of basic functionalities in the Production Performance Manager

Every improvement process is based on a sound data foundation. The first step is to make the data visible. Taking machine data from various sources across a production environment, the Production Performance Manager visualizes it at one central point. The measured values are depicted live in a time series and as machine feedback, and can be viewed anywhere in the factory on the employee’s device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). In addition, the Production Performance Manager features all necessary functionalities for solution administration – from user and device management to the messaging service.

Production performance management explained in 1 minute

Grafik PPM

How to increase transparency, quality, output and reduce costs at the same time? Watch this live demo with a fully connected assembly line from Bosch Rexroth equipped with the industry 4.0 software Production Performance Manager.

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