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Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit
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Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit

Kick-start your Industry 4.0 project by monitoring and analyzing the process data from your tightening systems.
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Launch your Industry 4.0 project for tightening systems today

Take your Rexroth tightening systems* into the Industry 4.0 era quickly and easily with the Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit.

The Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit connects your Nexo cordless nutrunner or BS350 tightening system to the Production Performance Manager, allowing you to monitor, compare, and document complex or even safety-critical tightening processes in near real-time. Direct access to this process data helps you assure quality to make production more profitable. Thanks to the automated analysis of your tightening processes, you have more time available to focus your expertise on activities that directly add value. To enhance the analysis, youcan generate multiple process curves and display them all on the same graph.

* The Starter Kit is currently available for Rexroth tightening systems and any other ones that natively support PPMP (Production Performance Management Protocol).

Depending on the project, tightening systems from other manufacturers can be connected – please contact us for more information.
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Connect tightening systems. Create transparency. Improve productivity.

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Use the Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) to quickly integrate your Rexroth tightening systems – with the latest version of the Rexroth firmware, no additional implementation measures are required. Process data that follows this protocol can be analyzed directly in the Process Quality Module of the Production Performance Manager. Using a cockpit, you can visualize various measuring parameters and tolerances for the tightening curves, allowing you to detect and resolve problems more quickly. Patented analysis functions help you identify systematic errors, detect trends early on, and locate causes so that measures can be taken before a defective product is even manufactured.

Alongside Process Quality Monitoring, the Starter Kit offers you, the tightening experts, the additional benefits of the basic Production Performance Manager, such as condition monitoring and pre-configured rules/events.

Elements of the Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit

Elements of the Tightening Process Quality Starter Kit Icon lens

The Starter Kit is an add-on for existing Rexroth tightening systems. We integrate your tightening systems and the software solution to improve your production operations. What’s more, you can learn how to independently integrate further tightening systems into your production processes, display them digitally, and optimize them.

Respond to process deviations efficiently and effectively by enhancing your tightening systems with the Starter Kit.