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Ticket Management Module
Demand-oriented maintenance using the

Ticket Management Module

What can the Ticket Management Module do?

The benefits at a glance:

Tailored for repair and maintenance services

Demand-oriented maintenance thanks to the integrated delegation process

Knowledge database for repair and maintenance services

Recommended solutions in the site’s local language can be stored

Ticket processing

Ticket processing Icon lens

Our Ticket Management Module optimizes your service processes regarding maintenance, allowing you to respond in a targeted and speedy manner to incidents such as a machine malfunction.

In the event of a malfunction, aggregated messages from machines are used to automatically issue tickets. All tickets are grouped in a summary and organized by status (open, in progress, resolved). Users can also filter tickets.

These tickets are then assigned to those employees who have the right qualifications and responsibility to deal with the affected machines. Every ticket not only delegates automatically, but also features escalation mechanisms.

Recommended solutions in the site’s local language can be stored in the interest of ongoing expansion and updating of the knowledge database for maintenance and repair technicians. A log of service processes thus serves as a basis for continuous optimization, while long-term successes can be identified at a glance thanks to standardized reports.

The Ticket Management Module of the Production Performance Manager in pratice

Ensuring that production runs on schedule and boosting repairs efficiency.

OSRAM: Industry 4.0 partner

Bosch and OSRAM have connected over 80 different machines, some older than others, at OSRAM’s Berlin location. The plant for xenon automotive lamps now has the “OSRAM Ticket Manager”, with which OSRAM supports its employees as it moves toward digital, flexible production. At the heart of this concept is the Production Performance Manager.

Application example at OSRAM