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Industry 4.0 consulting
Seize the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 consulting: for experts by experts

Our consultants speak your language. Let them guide you on your journey to Industry 4.0 implementation.
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Industry 4.0 consulting: from the shop floor to the top floor

Our Industry 4.0 consultancy can help you pave the way to effective implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions!

Many in the manufacturing sector hesitate to implement Industry 4.0 in their own companies. That’s a shame, as Industry 4.0 offers a great many potential solutions.

Are you unsure whether your value streams are ready for Industry 4.0? Perhaps you would like to use RFID technology to track parts in a flow of materials? Or to log entries and material movements automatically?

Our Industry 4.0 consultancy can help you pave the way to effective implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions. Doing so will aid you in securing a decisive, long-term competitive advantage. We begin by jointly identifying how Industry 4.0 can help you. We then accompany you every step of they way, as we tap potential – ranging from the fundamentals of lean production to fully automated RFID entries. You will benefit from our RFID expertise and years of experience developing value streams in the Bosch Production System.

You can find answers to many of your key questions during our workshop and Bosch plant tour in Homburg, Germany. Then you will be in a position to rapidly kick off your targeted Industry 4.0 initiative.

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Industry 4.0 consulting: from conceptual design to full-scale production. How do we get there?

We give you a tour of our automated logistics system in Homburg, and support you from your starting point through continuous improvement to your ultimate goal.

Step 1: One-day workshop at the Bosch plant in Homburg

As a center of competence, Bosch’s Homburg plant has a lead role in designing digital logistics processes worldwide. We present these solutions while giving you a personal tour of our plant in Homburg. We also talk with you about implementation options and potential improvements in your company.

Step 2: Evaluation of current situation and assessment of potential

At your site, we will jointly assess your value stream, pinpoint bottlenecks, and identify waste. We create not only a Value Stream Design together, but also identify potential for RFID-aided digitalization and other Industry 4.0 applications.

Step 3: Help designing your value stream

We will accompany you, step by step, while we improve your value stream. In addition, we will lay the foundation for smoother production and transparency thanks to standardization and visualization. This allows us to establish the basis for RFID solutions and corresponding automated logistics and manufacturing solutions.

Step 4: Assistance with implementing your Industry 4.0 solutions

By rigorously conducting the aforementioned steps, we create an environment in which you can introduce the Industry 4.0 applications that we have defined. Here, too, you will benefit from our hardware and software user expertise. We also propose various solutions and explore their significance.

Details of workshop

Plant tour and Industry 4.0 workshop with experts from the Bosch plant in Homburg

What content does this workshop cover?

  • Experience Industry 4.0 firsthand: personal plant tour at Bosch's Homburg site
  • Presentation of prerequisites for Industry 4.0 applications, with a focus on RFID technology
  • Highlighting of benefits offered by integrated RFID applications in the lean production environments
  • Preview of future Industry 4.0 applications

Takeaways from the workshop
  • Using lean production methods, we jointly identify your value stream’s requirements and potential
  • You learn what is required to implement RFID technology in your value stream
  • We jointly determine areas of application for productive use of RFID applications

Who should attend this workshop?
  • Decision-makers for implementation of RFID technology at your company
  • Employees and executives at SMEs or large corporations
  • Project managers who assist with implementation of RFID technology at your company

Workshop duration: 
  • One day

Number of participants:
  • 6-8 people from your company and various experts from the Bosch plant in Homburg

What makes Bosch your ideal manufacturing consultant?

See and experience Industry 4.0 (plant tour)
We will show you Industry 4.0 use cases at our manufacturing site in Homburg. We designed all our applications to improve full-scale production processes. You will observe these applications firsthand in a production environment.

Consulting on equal terms
Our consultants are very familiar with production environments and have years of experience using and installing RFID applications.

Bosch solutions enjoy worldwide success
The plant in Homburg is a center of competence, allowing Bosch’s Diesel Systems and Gasoline Systems divisions to supply solutions worldwide. As a member of the RAN project (RAN = RFID-based Automotive Network), Bosch has been using and helping to define standards and specifications since day one.

You will avoid making mistakes by benefitting from Bosch’s learning curve
Bosch Homburg has been adhering to lean production principles since 2002. Since 2008, a wide range of RFID applications have been installed as part of the RAN project.
You can now benefit from the expertise we acquired in the introductory phase and years since as well as during rollout to other Bosch divisions and sites.

A one-stop provider of expertise
In addition to our considerable systems expertise, we have years of experience with various types of hardware and software. Regardless of what your unique areas of application may be, we will make unbiased recommendations on the use of practically all hardware and software solutions.

Award-winning business excellence in lean production and RFID applications
Bosch’s Homburg plant has won many awards over the years for its lean production and RFID expertise – including the 2012 Automotive Lean Production Award, the 2014 VDA Logistics Award, and the 2014 elogistics Award.