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Easy charging

Easily find a charging station, charge your car, and pay – all with Z.E. Pass.

  • About the App

    Thanks to the free-of-charge “Z.E. Pass” smartphone app and RFID card, you can easily find and use nearly every web-enabled and public charging points in Germany. Do you want more flexible options for charging your e-vehicle when you’re on the go? “Z.E. Pass” makes it possible, transparently and without any compulsory contract term or service charges.

    All you need is to register once and have a PayPal account. Once that’s set up, you can find charging stations and check their availability with your smartphone. It’s easy to start or stop the charging process using the app or the “Z.E. Pass” charging card. Payment can be made directly and securely using the app. Registered Renault drivers receive discounts.

    “Z.E. Pass” is provided by Bosch Software Innovations. With our steadily growing network of charge point operators, you will also profit from the apps' advantages in further European countries in the near future.


    01/08/2016 - Around 140 charging points have been added via Stadtwerke am See and are now accessible using the app.


  • FAQ

  • Contact

    If you have any questions about "Z.E. Pass” we’re happy to help!

    Our customer service is available 24/7 either by e-mail or on our hotline +49 (0)39 183 229 826 .