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eRoaming connects charging-station operators

eRoaming – reliable billing for charging services between providers

Pioneer in eRoaming

Bosch is a consortium partner of Hubject, the first eRoaming provider in Germany. We provide the underlying technology for eRoaming.

Charge e-vehicles anywhere

The eRoaming platform connects various charging-station operators and enables reciprocal billing. Customers of one of the linked companies can charge their electric vehicles at points operated by many other companies.

Increased profitability

When charging stations are available both to their own customers as well as to those of other providers, they enjoy improved capacity utilization and profitability.

Simple technical connection

The eRoaming platform works with standard protocols and interfaces. This simplifies the connection, which is already supported by numerous systems.

New business models

The eRoaming platform supports the development and implementation of new business and cooperation models with the affiliated companies.

New mobility offerings

Various mobility services and providers – such as car sharing, bike sharing, public transportation, and parking-facility management – can also be connected using the eRoaming platform.

eRoaming makes it possible for multiple charging-station operators to exchange and share data.

eRoaming makes it possible for multiple charging-station operators to exchange and share data.

The number of charging options for electric vehicles is rising. Many companies operate public charging infrastructure in Europe, the majority of which have a regional focus. Yet at every charging station, the driver once again has to ask: “Who operates this charging station? Do I need a contract with the company, and if so, how do I get one? And how will I be billed?”

We provide the technology for eRoaming platforms that make it easier to set up, monitor, and invoice eRoaming agreements among charging-station operators as well as provide the technical means to exchange data. This lays the foundation on which electromobility providers can establish charging networks. In turn, these networks use the eRoaming platforms to connect the charging stations operated by various providers and make them available to customers.

Tried-and-tested technology for eRoaming and more

The technology for eRoaming has already been successfully implemented in many projects. For example, Hubject GmbH in Berlin uses it as the basis for intercharge, its pan-European roaming platform. In these projects, eRoaming always provides a way to link diverse charging-station operators so that they can arrange reciprocal services. Drivers of electric vehicles have no direct connection to the roaming platform; they remain customers of their current charging-station operator or use electricity services from electromobility providers and their charging networks. In the Stuttgart Services and moveBW projects, this technology is employed for electromobility in a way that goes beyond roaming. In these cases, the software helps find and arrange intermodal transportation offers – customized mobility that incorporates car sharing, bus, taxi, and e-bike options.