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Hubject – eRoaming for electromobility

Connecting electromobility throughout Europe

Hubject – Connecting electromobility throughout Europe

Hubject is a joint venture among several international companies. BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, Innogy, and Siemens are all working together to give drivers of electric vehicles convenient access to charging infrastructure. Their goal is to make electromobility a user-friendly part of everyday life.

As the IoT system partner and platform vendor for Hubject, we supply the backend system. It provides the core technology required to connect electromobility providers, charge spot operators, energy suppliers, fleet operators, and manufacturers.

Hubject’s benefits for you

As the driver of an electric vehicle, you will enjoy a clear increase in convenience: you use your electric vehicle in much the same way as a conventional one. If your vehicle energy provider is working with Hubject, a single contract is all you need to access all public charging stations connected to the Hubject platform. That means, for example, you can use the charging stations of a broad variety of providers instead of being limited to a select few.

Hubject also offers numerous benefits for providers: its business and IT platform is designed to network the various market players involved in electromobility. The platform provides a commercial and legal framework for provider-independent charging. It also adds value with services like static and dynamic POI data distribution. And the eRoaming functionality enables business partners to authenticate and transfer billing information. As a charge spot operator, connect to Hubject once and save yourself the hassle of establishing technical connections to a variety of other charge spot operators and electromobility providers. These can now inform their users about your charging stations and increase capacity utilization overall.

A closer look at the solutions

Hubject – A closer look at the solutions

Hubject provides specific solutions to meet the requirements of all service providers.

Look for the intercharge logo

Look for the intercharge logo

intercharge represents connected charging infrastructure. When you see the logo on a charging station, you know right away that, as a customer of an intercharge supplier, you can charge your electric vehicle there. Scanning the QR code starts the charging process directly via the smartphone app.