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Insights into Connected Mobility Solutions

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

February 21-22, 2018 at STATION-Berlin

Bosch ConnectedWorld is an annual event that celebrates the Internet of Things (IoT). Presented by the Bosch Group, the fifth annual conference takes place February 21-22, 2018 at STATION-Berlin.

Bosch ConnectedWorld’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to thrive in IoT. This February, we will host more than 140 speakers on four stages presenting IoT trends and implementations in front of more than 3,500 conference and hackathon participants.

Through inspiring keynotes, three session tracks, a huge IoT exhibition, a Meet Up stage, a hackathon, and a lot networking opportunities, you will learn how the Bosch ConnectedWorld experience, and especially IoT, is truly remarkable.

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Charging apps - charging made easy

Our charging apps are so intuitive to use, charging your electric vehicle is like child’s play.

Charging Apps
Charging made easy – our charging apps

Connected charging solutions for companies

The growing demand for EV charging stations requires companies to act - yet solutions must be convenient and tailored.

Charging solutions for companies
EV Charging

Project Stuttgart Services

To support the card, Bosch Software Innovations provides an intermodal information and booking platform that serves as a central access point for users of services while keeping billing decentralized. As an alternative to the physical card format, the Service Card will soon be available as a smartphone app as well.

The Service Card promotes e-mobility by establishing networks and collaborations that grant its users truly easy access to all the services offered.

Stuttgart Services
 Intermodal travel planning via the intermodal information and booking platform

moveBW - A mobility assistant for the Stuttgart region

The moveBW project offers drivers an attractive option that links motorized personal transport with alternative modes of transportation. An easy-to-use mobility assistant on your smartphone helps you choose a mode of transportation and reliably guides you to your destination. Users of the mobility assistant can book different types of transportation – yet receive just one bill that lists every mode booked during the past month. To plan intermodal routes, the mobility assistant considers services such as public transportation, car sharing, bike sharing, and parking-space management as well as information on traffic jams and construction areas. MoveBW encourages people in the greater Stuttgart area to efficiently utilize all modes of transportation, which eases congestion. This project also aids local authorities in optimizing regional traffic flows.

MoveBW is overseen by a consortium of six companies, led by Robert Bosch GmbH: transportation solutions company highQ, parking-space operator Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, TraffiCon GmbH, PRISMA Solutions GmbH, and MRK Management Consultants. The moveBW project began in mid-2016 and will end in late 2017.

A mobility assistant for the Stuttgart region

Hubject - Connecting electromobility throughout Europe

Hubject is a joint venture among several international companies. BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, Innogy, and Siemens are all working together to give drivers of electric vehicles convenient access to charging infrastructure. Their goal is to make electromobility a user-friendly part of everyday life.

As the IoT system partner and platform vendor for Hubject, we supply the backend system. It provides the core technology required to connect electromobility providers, charge spot operators, energy suppliers, fleet operators, and manufacturers.

Hubject is a joint venture among several international companies. BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, Innogy, and Siemens a