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Analysys Mason Report

M2M Management Software:
Supplier and Product Review


Analysys Mason's latest report gives insight into the M2M market. The review covers supplier capabilities in five management segments. Bosch Software Innovations is positioned as provider partnering with Communications Service Providers to deliver full-service solutions.

Suppliers of M2M solutions

Anbieter von M2M-Lösungen

Bosch Software Innovations

Bosch Software Innovations is a leading supplier of business rules management systems and offers software and systems solutions for the financial services and telecoms industries and is capitalising upon the Bosch Group’s experience and contacts in the industry.


Bosch Software Innovations is generally positioned upstream in the M2M value chain, focusing on functionally rich M2M business applications– for example, in the areas of mobility, energy, connected buildings, healthcare, automotive, retail and logistics, security, industry and manufacturing. The company typically provides lower-level mobile communication services in partnership with mobile CSPs.

Bosch Software Innovations focuses on Asia–Pacific, Europe and the USA. In addition to software products for M2M applications, it has an established consulting and implementation services group. The company is increasing staff numbers by 35% per year.


The company’s approach to data management is inherently decentralised.

  • Devices submit data by means of events containing the data. Applications in the back-end can process these events in arbitrary ways.
  • Data analysis is done via graphically modelled and highly adaptable rules, for example to filter and aggregate sensor events.

For centralised storage and analytics of event data, Bosch Software Innovations integrates its solution with specialised solutions from providers such as the following.

  • Jaspersoft reporting for Apache Hadoop, Couchbase, MongoDB and Neo4J.
  • GridGain Systems real-time big data processing and analytics.
  • Exasol and Xtract.