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Fanny Schubert
Analyst & Partner Relations
Phone +49 30 726112-423

Download the full document:

Machina Research: The Emergence of M2M/IoT Applications Platforms


The M2M platforms space is evolving fast and in recent years a range of different kinds of M2M platforms have emerged to assist with the development and deployment of M2M applications. However, the industry is now at a tipping point, where the old ‘stove-pipe’ M2M application approach is giving way to a more integrated approach to application development which draws from a wider range of data sources and stitches these together with more sophisticated applications.

This more sophisticated approach to application development dictates a need for a more sophisticated form of supporting platform. In short, ‘M2M/IoT Application Platforms’ represent M2M platforms re-cast for the age of the ‘Internet of Things’.

The M2M/IoT Application Platform provides the ‘glue’ that intermediates between application developers, M2M connected devices and a range of niche and specialized M2M platforms and wider enterprise IT systems.

In this White Paper, the analyst Jim Morrish, Director Machina Research, explores how the M2M platforms space evolved to the current day status and identifies the need for a new kind of platform together with the ideal functionality of such platforms. He also identifies a range of leading actors which can together be taken to represent an emerging best-practice in this space.

For Bosch Software Innovations as one of these actors, he states:

coming to market with a particularly broad proposition, aiming to provide and support extensive libraries of connectors, adapters and drivers. Strongly industry agnostic and highly scalable solution. Strengths in business process integration, enterprise application integration and user management.

Current best practice in the M2M/IoT Application Platform space

(Source: Machina Research, 2013)