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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Belgian National Pension Office (ONP - RVP) selects the Business Rules Engine Visual Rules

Immenstaad/ Brussels, 04/14/2005 -

ONP - RVP, the Belgian National Pension Office has selected the German Business Rule Engine Visual Rules for their core applications of 2,000,000 pension attribution and pension payment calculation. ONP-RVP is currently integrating this new technology in the context of a major IT project realized with J2EE technology.

Visual Rules as strategic choice for pension applications

The Belgian National Pension Office is facing the difficult challenge of adopting quickly frequent Belgian regulation modifications while insuring timely and accurate pension payments.

This was the main driver for ONP-RVP to look for a business rule engine on the market. Philippe Schallon, architect for the pension administration project at SmalS-MvM explains: "Visual Rules has been a strategic choice for the pension applications and will play a key role. Our business requires a user-friendly rules development platform and a fast rules execution engine. This is exactly what Visual Rules is good at. As runtime rules interpretation and rules inferencing are not required, we have definitely excluded this class of solutions. Having the technical solution, we also needed to make sure to have a reliable leading partner - at least for the next 10 years. Bosch Software Innovations fulfills these needs perfectly."

Visual Rules facilitates maintenance and reduces costs

Schallon lists further business benefits that imply significant cost savings: "Translating the pension calculation regulations into Visual Rules decision trees will be done in a very effective way. No matter how the regulations are changing with respect to family composition or cumulative rules, they can now be integrated very easily and fast without requiring specific programming skills. In addition, it will be easy to simulate these changes and re-use a lot of generic decision tree components."

Perspective for pension care

Another important mission of the Belgian National Pension Office is to inform both future and present pensioners. In this context, current solutions will be extended. Schallon is convinced that these projects will also benefit from Visual Rules.

Visual Rules support

"Concerning our experience with Innovations, we are impressed by the fantastic support the company is offering. This is an important aspect for us and the foundation for all further projects we plan to realize with the German Business Rule System," states Schallon.