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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Visual Rules 3.1

09/09/2005 -

The German software vendor Innovations Softwaretechnologie today announces the launch of the new version 3.1 of its business rules technology Visual Rules. Several major new features make software development become even more agile and faster:

Hot Deployment

Visual Rules provides a new API to exchange the Java rule code at run-time within an external application.

Test Data Editor

A new editor enables business experts to create test data for their rule projects in a fast and transparent way.

Import of Object Models

With support of Java Collections, it is now easy to fully import object models, e.g. ones that have been persisted with the framework Hibernate. They are available for instant development of business logic - thus accelerating the full development cycle.

Visual Debugger

It enables step-by-step debugging of the rule model.

Eclipse 3.1

For those using Visual Rules as Eclipse plug-in: Version 3.1 both supports the version 3.1 and 3.0 of the Eclipse platform.

Developers and business experts are supported by even more new features, e.g. by database actions that allow execution of DDL commands and the call of Stored Procedures.