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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Innovations Softwaretechnologie and atori enter Partnership for Rule-Based Document Management

Immenstaad/Darmstadt, 12/20/2005 -

Innovations Softwaretechnologie GmbH and atori GmbH are announcing their partnership today. Both companies are bundling their know-how in order to automate the intelligent processing of documents. For over eight years the core competency of Innovations Softwaretechnologie has been the development of intelligent, rule-based solutions. atori develops solutions for automatic document processing and business process optimization without media discontinuities.

In order to control document processing based on rules atori has integrated the Visual Rules business rules system into its JAS product line. The JAS line is a system for document management without media discontinuities. What`s new is that the rules for automatic document processing can now be modeled graphically in Visual Rules. The benefit: They are clearly structured in execution, transparent and can be quickly adapted to new requirements. And the time and effort required to define and maintain the processing rules is therefore very low.

Example of use

Data is extracted from an order, validated against an existing SAP system and enriched with master data from SAP. Stock levels for products are calculated and queried from an external system and a delivery date is set. The delivery date is added to the order data, an order confirmation is generated and a remark about delivery is written to the external system.


With the integration of document management and a business rules system companies can now very efficiently manage documents and their processing across systems with a high degree of automation.