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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Release: Visual Rules 3.4.1

08/03/2006 -

Innovations Softwaretechnologie today announces the release of the new version of the Visual Rules Business Rules Management System. Its motto is Test Driven Business Rules Management.

What's new is the automatic monitoring of test coverage directly in the rule model. This further simplifies quality assurance of business rules. Visual Rules indicates which percentage of the business rules are covered by the tests and whether all required tests are defined. It also highlights the rules for which tests are still missing.

Users can now also easily trace individual test cases: The test data and expected results are displayed in parallel for this. Enhanced documentation options also simplify traceability at a later point in time.

Starting with this version Visual Rules is compatible with Eclipse 3.2.

Today many companies across the world are graphically modeling their business rules using Visual Rules and integrating them into a variety of different architectures, e.g. in SOA. Visual Rules makes it possible to quickly compose, visualize and modify business rules. They can thus be efficiently adapted to changed market factors.