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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Automating payment management for energy suppliers

Figure: Assignment rules in the rule editor with statistics displayed

08/17/2006 -

The Business Rules specialist Innovations Softwaretechnologie and the IT service provider perdata are today announcing their cooperation as Solution Partners. With »perCONT Energy« perdata has developed new software that allows energy suppliers to automate to a large extent their accounts receivable and payment management. It expands the processing options for electronic account statements provided by SAP by adding rule based assignment of unclear payments received to customer accounts. For the easy formulation of account determination rules perdata integrated the Visual Rules Business Rules Management System (BRMS) from Innovations.

Energy suppliers automate their payment management

Up to now energy suppliers have only been able to automatically assign approx. 50% of payments received to accounts receivable in SAP-FI. This is primarily due to the fact that the reasons for payment given in bank transactions are not sufficiently standardized. Energy suppliers now achieve an assignment rate of up to 95% using »perCONT Energy«. The time and expense for manual handling is thus reduced to a minimum.

This significant increase in the automated rate for payment management is due, among other things, to the fact that perdata has integrated the Visual Rules BRMS into its software. It is used to model and automate the rules for assigning unclear payments received to customer accounts. Patterns in reasons given for payment are identified better and better and used for the increasing automation of payment management.

Assignment rules can now also be assigned and expanded by energy suppliers. In this way the hit rate is not just increased once, but continuously. Business experts in accounting can themselves intuitively customize the rules using a rule editor. The rule editor is part of the Visual Rules BRMS and can be intuitively used primarily due to its graphical modeling approach (see figure at the right).

Leipziger Abrechnungs- und Servicegesellschaft is currently putting »perCONT Energy« into productive use for payment management for the Stadtwerke Leipzig.