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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

The Minnesota Department of Revenue decides for Visual Rules

12/01/2006 -

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has selected the Business Rules Management System (BRMS) Visual Rules of the German Business Rules specialist Innovations Softwaretechnologie for automatically processing the electronic income statements from companies and issue refunds to the tax payers.

Electronic Filing Program - Saving Ressources

Today, business sales and individual income tax statements are in the majority returned as paper files. The target of the Minnesota Department´s "Electronic Filing Program" is to dramatically raise the share of the electronic returns - and thus save processing time.

Within this program, the BRMS is used for the validation of the tax data. Data like the tax and business IDs, the tax amounts as well as periods are checked for correctness and completeness by Visual Rules.

Automating the Electronic Processing

Presently, alerts are still generated to the tax experts, e.g. if data is missing. Within the next year, the Minnesota Department will fully automate the electronic processing. Therefore, the business rules will be integrated into automated workflows.

Consistent Terminology and Methodology for Rules

There are several different lines of business rules supplied mainly by IT today. With the use of the BRMS, the Minnesota Department of Revenue targets on aligning the definition of business rules along a defined terminology and methodology and getting the business experts to do the major effort in writing and managing their rules without the help of IT.

Integrate the Business Experts - Release the IT

The new rules-based system is expected to save a great share of the application development time that is spent today by the Department´s IT.