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Bosch Software Innovations enables fast charging of electric vehicles in Singapore

  • Changi City Point is the first mall in Singapore to have fast charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Full charging of EVs within 30 minutes

Singapore, 07/11/2013 -

Bosch Software Innovations set-up the first fast charger for electric vehicles (EVs) in a mall in Singapore. EV test-bed participants can now charge their EVs at Changi City Point Mall within 30 minutes instead of six hours at a standard charging station.

The fast charger was set-up by Bosch as part of the Singapore EV test-bed and is fully integrated into the network of more than 50 charging stations so far. All EV test-bed participants also have access to a mobile app provided by Bosch Software Innovations. Amongst others, the app comprises a map to locate a charging station and displays its availability in real time.

“In a fast-paced city like Singapore it is important to keep up with the latest developments. We decided to set-up a fast charger in Changi City Point to make the shopping experience with us as pleasant as possible. While customers stock up on necessities, check out a good buy or dine in one of our restaurants, they can charge their EV and comfortably continue their journey afterwards”, says Emily Fong, Senior Centre Manager, Changi City Point Mall.

As the appointed charging service provider for the current EV test-bed, Bosch Software Innovations is responsible for the design and development of the charging infrastructure as well as its implementation, operation and maintenance.

”In addition to the charging station infrastructure itself, software plays a crucial role to intelligently network charging stations. On the one hand this allows seamless usage by all drivers with a single subscription. On the other hand, it also allows for other value-added services to be provided. This includes for instance roaming across multiple charging networks operated by different service providers. Bosch Software Innovations has been involved in the area of electric mobility for several years now and offers easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions for service providers, EV operators and manufacturers as well as fleet operators“, explains Thomas Jakob, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations.