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Press News from the E.B.I.F. 2007

11/19/2007 -

The E.B.I.F. is Europe's largest independent technology trade fair for the banking and insurance sectors. Finance experts were offered an effusion of new ideas and applications from Innovations for their professional environment, including Innovations' advanced software solutions for customer relationship management, compliance and credit risk.

Monitoring Employee Transactions

How do financial institutions handle employee conflicts of interest? What are the options available for monitoring and documenting insider information? You will learn a great deal more about all of this at a presentation of our software solution, MAID (Market Abuse Insider Dealing Detection).

The New Compliance Suite

Our new compliance suite includes detection of money-laundering scenarios, identification of politically exposed persons (PEPs) and persons of risk with terrorist or criminal connections, and monitoring of payment transactions. This compliance suite features modular construction and includes the following components:

  • MLDS-Money Laundering Detection System: Detect money-laundering scenarios
  • Name Matching Customer: Compare data in customer inventories to sanction lists
  • Name Matching Transaction: Monitor payment transactions
  • MAID-Market Abuse/Insider Dealing Detection: Monitor transactions entered into by employees and detect market abuse
  • Identify and prevent fraud

Risk Management - Basel II

With its powerful graphic modelling approach, the Visual Rules Business Rules Management System offers risk managers the ideal platform for constructing, improving and administering rating models for both IRB approaches.

Pro-active Customer Orientation with Comprehensive Client Management

Customer advisers, compliance officers and loan specialists have to rely on their knowledge of their customers and partners. The goal is to create transparency in customer relationships and recognize sales potential while evaluating risks. Banks often have this data available in good quality. The challenge is to use it intelligently and consistently link it to avoid redundancies and create an instrument that allows management to implement its strategic plans.

Work Frame Relations is the finance platform from Innovations that provides the foundation for your customer management system - from account opening to sales management.