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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Visual Rules 4 Beta Program

Visual Rules 4: The Next Generation of Business Rules Management

12/12/2007 -

Visual Rules is the only Business Rules Management System (BRMS) that offers a consistent graphical modeling approach. In the spring of 2008 Visual Rules' vendor, Innovations, will introduce Version 4 to the market. It is available now for beta testing.

Visual Rules 4 represents the next generation in BRM: it is user friendly and offers top performance and scalability with simplicity of integration. And it supports Eclipse 3.3 too! Anyone interested in testing the beta version is invited to contact Innovations.

The fundamental concept behind Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) is the separation of business rules from the rest of the application for better maintenance. Since business rules are defined by business experts, BRMS must also be designed to meet the requirements of business users. According to Forrester, a leading BRMS analyst, there is a gap here that has not been filled by any vendor to date. That is the gap that Innovations is closing with its new generation of Visual Rules.

Intuitive Rule User Interface with Many New Functions - The Graphical Rule Editor

Right from the start of developing Visual Rules, Innovations has focused on providing an intuitive tool for developing BRMS. Now, with Version 4, the manufacturer has launched a new era in Business Rules Management. With the "Rules First" approach, the concept of Visual Rules has been expanded so that the user can model his rules directly without any set-up time and effort at all. Visual Rules automatically generates the required data structures.

  • The user is supported with a completely redesigned graphical Rule Editor. Some of its usability highlights include:
  • In-place editing: Rules can be defined and changed directly in the graphical rule view.
  • New editor for test cases with comparison of inputs, outputs, and expected results of the rule execution.
  • New modeling elements such as Service Calls and rule-driven Exception Handling.
  • Rule Packages for hierarchically organizing rules and rule-specific data.

Technical Highlights

  • Even more new concepts and functions can be tested immediately in the beta version. These include:
  • Generating code with minimal memory requirements and top performance combined with scalability.
  • Integration APIs to write rules and data structures from other Eclipse plug-ins or external applications.
  • The support of Eclipse 3.3.

With Visual Rules 4, Innovations has succeeded in taking another step forward in the collaboration of business and IT.

If you are interested, please contact Innovations to beome a beta tester.