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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Bosch Offers Dealers and Companies Easy Access to Electric Mobility

  • Complete package includes installation of equipment by trained personnel and offers a safe and convenient way to charge vehicles
  • eMobility Starter Package back-end solution opens up possibility of new business models
  • Open interfaces allow easy system connectivity

Berlin, 09/10/2013 -

Making it safe and easy to charge electric vehicles is a key factor for the success of electric mobility. Drivers have two options when it comes to charging their vehicles: They can use a charging station available in a public space and/or have a charging station installed in their own garage for personal use. With the charging stations from Bosch, both options are possible.

These devices, which have been approved by leading vehicle manufacturers, offer drivers a safe and convenient way to charge their vehicles in virtually any location. The charging stations for private customers can easily be fitted to a wall or mounted on a column outside. To ensure that customers do not encounter any problems during installation and commissioning, Bosch offers the systems as a complete solution. As part of this solution, Bosch advises customers on the options and arranges for the station to be connected to the mains safely and fitted to the wall.

Bosch currently offers a range of charging stations for different manufacturers. These stations can be configured in a number of ways to suit the customer's requirements — for instance, various plug systems are available in order to meet the different standards in place across Europe.

The components can also be installed in a public space, meaning that workshops or car dealers can use the charging columns to charge their own fleet and also make them available to their customers. Technologies such as RFID cards can be installed in order to control access to the charging columns.

Bosch offers a software solution for networking these charging stations. This eMobility Starter Package allows companies to offer the use of the charging infrastructure to third parties and to charge for this usage. Not only does this system increase the utilization and cost-effectiveness of the available charging stations — it also increases the density of the supply network.

The software that controls and manages the charging infrastructure is offered as an online service (software as a service) — which means that customers do not need to invest money in their own IT systems to make use of the infrastructure.

The advantage of this solution is that companies, public institutions and public utility companies can operate their own charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, providing the means for these vehicles to be used on a daily basis. Charging points, customer and vehicle data and price plans are all managed using one integrated system, so these companies can provide their customers with easy access to services relating to charging their vehicles via online portals or using smartphone apps. This means that operators always know exactly how much the station is being used, while customers enjoy complete transparency with regard to charging times and can find the closest available charging station at any time using an app.

The new eMobility Starter Package uses two key open interface protocols to connect to charging infrastructure systems. These protocols allow customers to adopt the electric mobility business model quickly and conveniently, as well as take advantage of eRoaming platforms such as the one offered by Berliner Hubject GmbH. eRoaming platforms enable drivers of electric vehicles to charge their vehicles at various charging stations throughout Europe — even if the station is not operated by their energy supplier. What's more, the software solution from Bosch Software Innovations allows charging stations from different manufacturers to be integrated quickly and cost-effectively.