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Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Bosch Expands its Telematics Services for Intelligent Fleet Management

  • Comprehensive solutions allow fleet operators to expand and improve their offering
  • Active maintenance management and remote diagnostics in the event of breakdowns
  • Trip analysis for each fleet vehicle and comparisons within fleets
  • Bosch Software solution offers easy integration into existing business processes

Berlin, 09/10/2013 -

Many fleet operators are keen to increase transparency and gain a better overview of their fleets so that they can make the services they offer their customers even more attractive, or expand the range of services they provide. Services high on the list of priorities for fleet operators include fuel consumption analyses, the ability to locate a vehicle automatically via GPS and an electronic logbook with theft warning capability. Bosch now offers fleet operators an overall solution that can be individually tailored to suit each fleet operator's requirements. Bosch has a wealth of expertise that is not limited to any one manufacturer, so all the solution components are suitable for integration in almost every type of vehicle.

Journey and service data is read out via the interface for the On Board Diagnosis (OBD) system in the vehicle. This data is sent to the Bosch server, where it is processed and then sent to the fleet operators. One advantage of this process is that it enables operators to optimize servicing by actively directing the vehicles to their partner workshops.

Safety, cost-effective vehicle management and customer retention are key concerns in fleet management. With Bosch software solutions, the data acquired can be easily managed and integrated into existing business processes. This gives fleet operators a better overview of the status of their vehicles, reduces their reliance on workshops and keeps their overall vehicle costs down permanently. Fleet operators can activate a vehicle’s GPS system and evaluate the data acquired to generate usage statistics, as well as to identify when a vehicle has been stolen. If, for example, a vehicle is moved without the ignition being switched on, the system presumes that it has been stolen.

Risk management is another important aspect. The vehicle systems are, for example, able to recognize when an accident occurs and document what happened. If the system identifies an accident situation, the Bosch Communication Center is informed. This center is manned around the clock. The center associates alert the police and emergency services, while at the same time trying to contact the driver.

The software solution can be integrated easily and seamlessly into fleet operators’ existing IT systems and business processes, enabling them to make efficient, cost-effective use of their fleets.

Bosch is currently the only provider of a complete telematics solution. This solution is based on many years of experience in all areas of the process chain - from installing the technology in the vehicle through to evaluating the data acquired on the computer. The data is retained by the provider and processed at the request of the fleet operator.