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Visual Rules 4.5

Press & Media

Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.5: Available June 30, 2009

Focused on Rule Quality, Traceability and Reuse

Immenstaad, Chicago, 06/23/2009 -

Innovations Software Technology Corp., a leading provider in the market of Business Rules Management (BRM) Platforms and Financial Industry solutions, will release Version 4.5 of Visual Rules, the premier BRM Platform. Visual Rules now coordinates rule changes by multiple team members to secure rule quality and continuous traceability. Additionally, users may look forward to easily reusing rules.

The Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.5 will be presented by Volker Grossmann Product Manager in a webinar on July 1, accompanied by industry pundit James Taylor.

Business Rules Management for Agile Enterprises

Companies such as Volkswagen Bank and John Deere manage their business rules with the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform for applications such as credit risk rating and machine data intelligence. Visual Rules provides the capability for these companies to dynamically adapt to changing business and market requirements – by the business experts themselves.

What's New ?

Rule Change Management with Visual Rules 4.5

A new workflow of the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.5 coordinates rule changes among mutliple team members. The process focuses on ensuring rule quality, continuous traceability of changes, and reuse.

Reuse: It's So Easy

Visual Rules 4.5 introduces the concept of rule artifacts containing rule models and executable rule code. Artifacts can be uniquely identified by an ID and a version number. Since Visual Rules Modeler 4.5 works directly with these artifacts, rule authors will be able to easily reuse existing rules or data models, including function and service libraries. If a rule project requires another artifact, Modeler automatically retrieves the correct version from the repository.

Using Multiple Rule Versions

The integrated rule artifact concept also permits using multiple rule versions simultaneously. Visual Rules Execution Server 4.5 ensures that every request is handled by the correct rules, e.g., compliant to their effective date.

Rule Quality Secured

Visual Rules Team Server 4.5 ensures rule quality when multiple team members change rules. Each author sees all changes made by the other authors. Rule changes are logged, and stay traceable with every revision being restoreable and visualizable within the graphical model.

Traceability at Any Time

Being able to trace rules while editing is just one important facet. In addition, Visual Rules 4.5 makes sure that all decisions are fully transparent. All rule executions can be retraced in every detail, even years later.

Visual Rules Enterprise Platform is available as English and German software.

New & Noteworthy

Please see the New & Noteworthy Overview.

Webinar Presentation with James Taylor

Bosch Software Innovations Product Manager Volker Grossmann will present the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.5 in a Webinar on July 1, 2009, at 1:00 PM (ET). He will be accompanied by James Taylor.

Learn how the tools and processes of the Business Rules Management Platform involve business users in application development.

If you are interested, please register here.

Evaluating Visual Rules

Visual Rules Enterprise Platform 4.5 will be available on June 30, 2009, for a free evaluation.