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Visual Rules 4.6: Available November 5, 2009

Immenstaad, Chicago, 11/05/2009 -

Innovations Software Technology Corp., a leading provider in the market of Business Rules Management (BRM) Platforms and Financial Industry solutions, announces the release of Visual Rules, the premier BRM Platform. Robust new features have been introduced in this version to enable the business with powerful new tools and functionality. In addition, Eclipse 3.5 is fully supported.

Business Rules Management for Agile Enterprises

Companies as Volkswagen Bank and John Deere manage their business rules with the Visual Rules Enterprise Platform for applications such as credit risk rating and machine maintenance. Visual Rules provides the capability for these companies to dynamically adapt to changing business and market requirements – by the business experts themselves.

Importing Excel Sheets

Using version 4.6, users can extract created decision logic in MS Excel with the click of a button. The logic is then available as a decision table in Visual Rules.

Separating Rule Parts with Ease

Visual Rules 4.6 makes it much easier to split large flow rules into smaller parts. The extraction of individual flow rule branches is now fully automated: Visual Rules generates a new rule, sets in the origin rule a rule call and automatically provides all in and output data. This keeps rules clear and allows to easily reuse separated logic across rule projects.

Metadata in Rule Models

Visual Rules now enables users to connect self-defined metadata to all rules and data elements within the Modeler. These metadata can be used for identification and classification purposes and are available at runtime.

See the New & Noteworthy overview for a complete list of the new features.

Visual Rules 4.6 is now available for a free 30-day trial. If you are interested in a quick introduction, please register for the Webinar on November 6, 2009.