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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management secures a market-based pipeline infrastructure and gas supply with the help of inubit

AGGM ensures transparent network access and capacity management and modernizes its infrastructure planning with inubit Suite

Berlin, 03/07/2012 -

AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG has decided to modernize its IT landscape with inubit Suite. The integrated and audit-proof IT solution of the Berlin-based specialists for Business Process Management (BPM) software simplifies external and internal processes in the management of network access and capacity as well as in AGGM's network planning. An integrated expert monitoring and geo-based information system (GIS) supports data analysis and aids in the economic and strategic evaluations required in action planning.

The starting point for the project running under the name of NEMESYS was the increasing complexity of the tasks required due to further development of market rules and the increasing demands placed on the processes of the departments handling network access and capacity. The previously isolated software solutions were developed with an eye to the short-term fulfillment of new tasks. This resulted in an IT landscape characterized by duplicated data storage, manual data exchange between applications with the corresponding hassle of switching between media, as well as the absence of graphical analysis and planning support.

With inubit Suite, AGGM applications can be integrated through smooth and generally bi-directional data transfer. This lowers the cost of data management and avoids inconsistencies in data storage and transfer. The global system monitoring of automated process flows ensures smooth running operation. An expert monitoring system provides the basis for continual process improvements. The geo-based information system (GIS) enables saving information with a spatially explicit reference which can later be analyzed. The infrastructure as well as the inflow and outflow of gas in the pipeline network is recorded with its geographical position.

With the implementation of the BPM project, the operative processes in the management of network access and capacity as well as long-term planning are supported on the software end. Since the start-up of NEMESYS as a modular web application, AGGM is also in the position to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the body of rules and regulations and to improve communication and transparency for market partners.

Benefits for the end customer

Through the NEMESYS portal, market partners are provided access to selected content via the Internet. This enables network operators access to data from their network, such as the status of network access requests or projects. Suppliers and balance group coordinators can obtain information on their assigned capacities at entry points for any time point or period.

About AGGM

AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management AG is responsible as regional distribution manager for regulating the gas flow and maintaining network stability in level 1 natural gas lines supplying the regions of Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria and Vienna. At the same time, AGGM has the task of managing the capacities for domestic supply in the long-distance pipelines together with the network operators as a “one-stop shop” as well as the task of defining measures for eliminating existing or expected bottlenecks within the scope of long-term planning.

AGGM Austrian Gas Grid Management secures a market-based pipeline infrastructure and gas supply with the help of inubit