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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Swiss railways (SBB) telecommunications provider decides for inubit Suite

SBB Telekom is automating ordering and invoicing processes in railway communications

Berlin, 04/17/2012 -

The telecommunications provider of Swiss railways – SBB Telekom – has decided to use inubit Suite to automate processes which range from purchase orders and commission calculations to invoicing in the area of railway communications. The error rate could thereby be lowered and at the same time, service quality could be increased at lower operating costs. The new process platform eliminates all media discontinuity and reduces the complex changes between paper based and electronic communication and facilitates communication between separate systems.

SBB Telekom provides mobile services for 28,000 SBB employees and franchised transport companies and administrates 37,000 GSM subscriptions with an order volume of 5,000 SIM cards, 8,000 cell phones, 5,000 orders for accessories and 10,000 mutations with an annual growth of 20%. The large order volume meant that the existing Access-based billing and commission calculation system was becoming obsolete. In addition, the many media discontinuities required manual entries at many points, which naturally resulted in a high error rate.

With the aid of the inubit Suite, SBB Telekom can process the increasing order quantities using available resources. A dynamic adjustment of the order masks to suit the various device types could be implemented. Further to this, the software automates a great number of processes. Thanks to these measures, SBB Telekom has been able to eliminate error sources and thereby improve service quality. Urs Fankhauser, project manager at SBB summarizes it thus: “Approximately 70% of the orders and mutations are now processed automatically to a degree of 90%. In addition, all processes are now documented. We can use this basis to continuously optimize our business processes.”

About SBB Telecom

SBB Telecom is the internal telecommunications provider of SBB. Their telecommunication services support SBB rail operations and also provide services for private railways. SBB Telecom employs 530 employees in 4 regions. SBB's own telecommunications network encompasses 5,300 km of fiberglass route cabling, 5,000 km of copper cable, 5,000 analog radio systems for construction, shunting and local radio, 23,500 landline phones and 37,000 cell phone subscriptions. The (LAN / WAN and GSM-Rail) telecommunications network is SBB's third largest network after its rail and energy networks and makes a considerable contribution to the success of SBB and its customers.

Swiss railways (SBB) telecommunications provider decides for inubit Suite

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