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Note on new release name

Starting from now new versions of the Visual Rules Suite will be released on a quarterly basis. This will be reflected in its name: Visual Rules Suite 11.2 is the version released in Q2 of 2011.

One component of the Visual Rules Suite is Visual Rules 5.1, which contains the current Visual Rules Modeler for you to download and evaluate.

Press Release

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Workflow diagram

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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Visual Rules Suite 11.2 out now

- New editor for modeling rule-based state flows

- New platform for form-based workflows

- New platform for rule-based bulk data processing

- New execution core for hot deployment of rule services

Immenstaad (Germany), 04/21/2011 -

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH is pleased to announce the launch of Version 11.2 of its Visual Rules Suite. The Visual Rules Modeler is part of this suite and is available now for download.

Modeling and controlling state flows

The Visual Rules Modeler provides a new editor for modeling states and events in the form of a state flow diagram. This diagram illustrates the different states a system can adopt during runtime. Events trigger transitions from one state to the next. These transitions can be controlled by separately modeled rules. The Visual Rules Code Generator then uses these state and rule models to generate executable Java code.

Graphically modeling form-based workflows

The new Visual Rules Formflow Platform enables business process owners to define and manage form-based workflows without any help from IT experts. Users can define both input checks for individual fields and validations for the entire process. The design of forms is laid down in a central style guide. End-to-end workflows take in everything from process modeling and form design through to actual implementation.

Bulk data processing of business rules

The new Visual Rules Batch Platform provides clustering support and enables massive parallel and distributed processing of rules on mass data. Users can implement batch jobs themselves using the Visual Rules rule modeling functions. As a result, the rules used so far in interactive applications can now also be applied in non-interactive bulk data processing scenarios, too.

Execution and hot deployment of rule services

The new execution core of the Visual Rules Execution Platform is a Java framework designed to support the management and execution of rules created with Visual Rules. Further to being the core of the Execution Platform, it can also be integrated into other software applications, where it enables the execution and hot deployment of rule services, i.e. the replacement of business rules during runtime without interruption or application downtime.

The Visual Rules Suite is currently available in English and German versions.

Visual Rules Modeler Free Trial

Visual Rules Modeler as part of this suite is available for free trial.