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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Bosch eMobility Solution to power electric vehicle infrastructure in Singapore

  • Singapore is the most comprehensive electric vehicle test-bed in Asia for Bosch’s eMobility technology
  • Bosch’s eMobility solution is designed to be robust, cost-effective, highly secure and easily scalable for future concepts
  • Supports future development of a vibrant and ecologically sustainable electric vehicle city transportation ecosystem for Singapore

Singapore, 06/25/2011 -

Bosch – a leading global supplier of technologies and services in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology – is providing its eMobility Solution to support the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure launched in Singapore today, as part of the country’s EV testbed program. The EV test-bed program is a government initiative led by the Singapore inter-agency EV Taskforce comprising the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and other government agencies.

Yap Chin Siang, Senior Director (Energy Planning and Development), EMA and Co-Chair of the EV Taskforce said, “The launch of the EV charging infrastructure marks an important milestone for our test-bed. We look forward to working with Bosch to roll out the charging infrastructure in Singapore as the first charging service provider appointed for the EV testbed.”

The eMobility Solution developed by Bosch is a comprehensive, holistic service platform for Singapore’s EV test-bed program. It is robust, cost effective, highly secure and easily scalable for future concepts around eMobility. Martin Hayes, President and Managing Director of Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd said, “We are privileged to be building a vibrant city transportation ecosystem to support the Singapore government’s longterm vision for an environmental-friendly and self-sustainable transportation infrastructure. Bosch is committed to run this service infrastructure until December 2016. During this period, we aim to make this program a success through the combination of our technological competence, international experience and the local inputs gained from the test-bed program.”

In line with the availability of EVs, the EV Taskforce has announced the launch of five EV charging stations as part of the first phase rollout. These are currently located at the car parks of the Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Manpower, as well as in Bosch’s Southeast Asia headquarters building in Bishan. The Bosch outdoor charging stations allow two EVs to be charged simultaneously, while the indoor charging station charges one EV at a time. As part of the initial phase of the EV test-bed project, up to 63 charging stations are planned island-wide. Participants in the test-bed can use this network for a flat rate of S$180 per month.

The outdoor charging stations developed by Bosch can also be used to charge the EVs of other automotive manufacturers which are now available in Singapore, such as Daimler’s smart.

How Bosch’s eMobility Solution is applied to the EV test-bed program

Bosch’s eMobility Solution connects the charging infrastructure to car and driver, complying with the highest security standards to ensure data integrity and stability.

The interconnectivity between the various components of the charging infrastructure forms part of the eMobility platform. The platform is based on the ecosystem philosophy, which allows future stakeholders to be integrated.

In addition, this technology allows real-time connectivity, monitoring and remote software updates for the charging stations. New software and hardware modules can be easily included as the network and usage expands.

The software enables the EV driver to locate the nearest available charging station. To complement the software, a bi-lingual 24/7 call center support is available to assist EV users.

Thomas Schmidt, Senior Director (eMobility Services) of Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd said, “The eMobility Solution is designed as an open solution in the best interest of the end consumer to keep the overall cost of maintaining an EV and its related services more affordable.”

Mr Schmidt added, “Bosch’s collaboration with local partners for indoor chargers, electronic billing technologies and wireless communications has contributed to the setup of our eMobility Solution in Singapore. In addition, there are future plans to extend knowledge creation via collaboration with local research institutes.”