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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

MARKANT AG Relies on inubit for WebEDI and EDI

GS1-compliant solution standardizes and automates processes in European invoice processing

Berlin, 08/15/2011 -

MARKANT AG, Europe’s largest trading and service cooperation in the food and non-food sector has chosen the inubit Suite to standardize its billing data exchange with its European customers via WebEDI and classic EDI. With the GS1-compliant solution, it will be possible to integrate partners using a uniform portal and speed up invoice processing.

As the service cooperation in the food and non-food sector, MARKANT AG is responsible for invoice processing between the individual member companies. MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH in Offenburg, who has been commissioned to take care of this, handles the transfer, bundling, harmonization and consolidation of the numerous heterogeneous data formats between the partners.

In the context of a Europe-wide roll-out, MARKANT is introducing its own WebEDI system based on the inubit Suite as the central communication platform, which can be used to quickly integrate all partners into the processes. A preconfigured process package that has been designed specifically for the retail area supplements the WebEDI solution with retail-specific processes. Thanks to this, the interfaces meet the GS1 requirements and enable suppliers to have a uniform document chain from ORDERS to INVOIC.

Thanks to inubit technology, the entire process logic can be flexibly adjusted at any time. The open architecture and numerous integration options of the inubit Suite mean that MARKANT does not have hard-wired processes but can adjust them according to business process content and data streams. They can make individual process adjustments or enhancements at any time. Simple configuration is all it takes. This means that the ever-expanding MARKANT partner network is taken into account. Since more than 3,000 users across Europe use the portal, it has been designed to handle several languages and clients.

Classic EDI automates data exchange

The inubit Suite is supposed to be used also for the long-term homogenization of the entire integration landscape: for external processes in the data exchange area as well as for internal processes. The focus here is on processing the different EDI formats of the partners. “With the inubit solutions for classic and WebEDI, we’ve managed to digitalize the data exchange to a large extent. In the processing of billing data, the EDI quota is already well above 90%. Hence we give all partners, especially the smaller member companies, the chance to profit from the time and cost savings offered by the EDI process,” is how Peter Bartsch, Managing Director of MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH describes the advantages.

On-demand roll-out

The WebEDI solution is rolled out step-by-step in the individual countries because the respective country-specific statutory requirements must be taken into account. The migration of the internal system landscape is prepared in parallel. In the implementation of the project, inubit AG cooperates closely with solution partner Concrete Logic.


MARKANT AG is largest trading and service cooperation in Europe’s food industry and has several decades of experience. Its main trading partners are independent companies. To ensure that our customers can trade successfully today and continue to do so in the future, while remaining completely independent, MARKANT supports their freedom to operate independently and autonomously. In 2010, MARKANT AG’s more than 100 trading partners generated gross turnover of approx. € 71 billion in the retail and wholesale sectors. Around € 31 billion of these were cleared by MARKANT AG.

MARKANT AG Relies on inubit for WebEDI and EDI