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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Tembit creates the “Treasury Process Cockpit” based on the inubit BPM-Suite

Monitoring financial systems at METRO AG

Berlin, 06/15/2010 -

Berlin-based Tembit Software GmbH creates a “Treasury Process Cockpit” for METRO AG on the basis of the inubit BPM-Suite. The project’s objective is to use the cockpit to monitor selected processes, systems and interfaces in the financial area and thus provide the persons in charge with status information about running processes at any time. The decisive factors for choosing the inubit BPM-Suite were the platform’s flexibility in terms of the simple and fast connection of various systems as well as the great value for money offered by the BPM software

The processes to be monitored are critical Treasury applications such as the front-end trading platform, the back office confirmation platform and the electronic banking system. The “Treasury Process Cockpit” monitors selected systems and interfaces in real time and provides the persons in charge with timely status updates about errors that have occurred. The cockpit outputs warning messages and thus helps IT managers maintain business continuity and keep these critical processes running even under critical and unforeseeable complicated conditions. Monitoring reduces the IT risks as well the business process risks in the context of IT governance.

Ability to respond immediately

In contrast to the past, when monitoring meant manually checking the individual system logs, the high level of automation means that the persons responsible now have access to all processing and error status information of the processes in real time. Employees can now take informed action as soon as the “Treasury Process Cockpit” shows a problem in one of the monitored systems or process steps. This way, METRO AG profits not only from substantially more process control but also from significantly faster reaction times.

As part of enhanced IT governance, the persons responsible can now proactively monitor the status of financial systems. Rüdiger Trautmann, project manager at METRO AG, summarizes the advantages of the “Treasury Process Cockpit” as follows: “Before the introduction of the

cockpit, employees had to check the log files several times a day to ensure the correct flow of data and to check whether the systems were running correctly. The inubit BPM-Suite automates and aggregates these processes, which significantly reduces the amount of work required. Above all, this serves the underlying service requirements, because undesirable developments can now be detected early and nipped in the bud.”

About Tembit Software GmbH

The Berlin-based company was founded in 1992 and offers innovative standard software as well as consulting in the fields of Financial Services, Healthcare and Enterprise Marketing Management. It focuses in particular on safe internet and intranet applications that aid the prompt development of user-friendly, low maintenance software. Tembit supports large, well-known companies and cooperates with renowned partners such as Unica, SAP, inubit and SWIFT. For more information, see

Tembit creates the “Treasury Process Cockpit” based on the inubit BPM-Suite