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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

inubit automates schedule management in the Austrian electricity market

Salzburg AG implements the inubit BPM-Suite

Berlin, 05/11/2010 -

Salzburg AG, the energy and infrastructure provider for the entire state of Salzburg and neighboring Upper Austria, has chosen to use the inubit BPM-Suite to automate its energy market processes. Salzburg AG is replacing its existing integration platform with inubit's Business Process Management (BPM) software, enabling it to handle its increasing requirements for the exchange of schedules and information and dynamically manage energy transactions via schedules in multiple markets in a timely and correct manner.

The introduction of the inubit BPM-Suite enables Salzburg AG to implement the sending of all schedules, including the data formatting of the leading external systems, very quickly, handling a daily data volume of 300,000 values. In addition to the market communication in the context of European schedule management, Salzburg AG uses the inubit BPM-Suite as the central Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that controls the exchange of data with the PSImarket trade system and integrates the technical IT solutions with the system landscape. Thanks to the flexibility of the inubit BPM-Suite, it was possible to connect the existing system landscape without issue, including, for example, the GENERIS software by VISOS, which is designed specifically for energy data management.

Implementing the inubit BPM-Suite made the system architecture significantly less complex. The previous interface structure, characterized by uncontrolled growth and disadvantages such as missing data and lack of clarity when changes were made to the system, was replaced with a uniform, clear star infrastructure and interface monitoring. The semi-automatic documentation using workflow diagrams also facilitates work. With regard to schedule management, Martin Olsen, project manager at Salzburg AG, states: “Using the inubit BPM-Suite in this area improves efficiency, enabling us to save real costs. By minimizing errors in schedules, we have managed to reduce costs for expensive unscheduled power flows.”

Over the coming months, the inubit BPM-Suite will be used to implement additional processes and integrations step-by-step. Furthermore, extensive process flow support will be implemented. In the medium term, once the existing systems and processes have been integrated and schedule management has been automated, the ordering process will be connected, web services introduced and data exchange management controlled by the system.

About Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG for energy, traffic and telecommunications is an energy and infrastructure provider with headquarters in Salzburg and currently supplies about 260,000 customers in the entire state of Salzburg and neighboring Upper Austria. It has more than 40 energy trade partners and is represented on the Leipzig and Graz stock exchanges and has operative access to all relevant market areas in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The energy trade guarantees that Salzburg AG will have a sustainable, independent energy market position. In addition to trading about 10 TWH of electricity and about 5 TWH of gas per year, the use of its own power plants is continuously optimized and controlled.

inubit automates schedule management in the Austrian electricity market