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Anita Bunk
Head of Communications

Timely implementation of EU Services Directive

inubit implements Case Management in the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Berlin, 01/07/2010 -

The state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania successfully introduced case management, which is mandated in the first step of the EU Services Directive, in time for the start of the new year. A complete solution for electronically processing business registration applications was implemented based on the inubit BPM-Suite, including the web-based and fully integrated portal work center for the Point of Single Contact (PSC) as well as the connection to the Competent Authorities (CA) via a web front-end.

The newly implemented solution enables citizens of European Union (EU) member states to lodge applications for conducting commercial activities electronically from remote locations. This significantly simplifies the commencement and provision of services within the EU. It completely meets all EU-SD requirements regarding data protection and full compliance with the legal requirements for the traceability of communication and data exchange.

inubit case management receives case data in a legally compliant way from an external electronic application wizard (meta-form) via the Online Services Computer Interface (OSCI). Downstream, it helps the PSC and the CAs with the process-oriented processing of the individual applications, from checking who is responsible to issuing the notification. Processing takes place completely electronically, thus averting error-prone changes of media and time-consuming duplicate entries of application data. In another step, inubit implements the complete elimination of media format differences in the decision-making and notification process mandated in stage 2 of the EU-SD by integrating the relevant application transactions. Meanwhile, integrated application monitoring already offers users information for transparent status monitoring and deadline checking.

Norbert Ahrend (Aios Consulting), chief project manager in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, describes the value the inubit solution adds to his project: “BPM software is excellent for dealing with case management scenarios. After all, the objective is to map and automate processes with workflows. inubit contributed not only powerful technology but also broad-based expertise, which was immensely valuable to the success of the project and the timely implementation of the state solution.”

Timely implementation of EU Services Directive